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Abbey Road Studios

Iconic recording studio

Recording a band live in Studio 3 with Andy Dudman

Abbey Road Studios are the Worlds best know recording studios and are the oldest purpose built studios in the World, building started in 1926 and was opened by Sir Edward Elgar. Abbey Road celebrates it's 90th Year in 2021.

Vast microphone collection

Lester Smith, shows Ian Shepherd & visiting producers some of the collection

Live recording isn't a problem here!

The following features were either shot at Abbey Road or have a connection with the studios. Just remember, Abbey Road may have vast historic importance but it continues to be one of the World's leading recording facilities so PLEASE do visit them if you have a suitable project!

Just one final word - just because they are so well known and so respected shouldn't put you off visiting and booking. The staff are fantastic, once you're over being there you'll find that Abbey Road has a unique feel and atmosphere that really is great!

Abbey Road Studios - steps - Ken Scott, record producer

Archive video features

Studio 1

Rafa Sardina is interviewed in Abbey Road Studio One

Studio 2

Ken Scott who worked at Abbey Road interviewed in Studio Two

Studio 3

Studio Three, before the new SSL J Series was installed

Studio 3

Studio Three, Craig Leon interview

Studio 52

Engineers Sam Okell and Chris Bolster talk about Studio 52

Studio 52

Ken Scott interviewed in Studio 52

Studio tour

The Japanese tourists take a walk around Abbey Road

Ken Scott and Abbey Road Studios Pete Cobin talk in Studio 2

Pete Cobbin in Studio 2 Abbey Road with producer Ken Scott

Abbey Road Studios has been home to so many landmark recordings and advances in music recording and technology. Abbey Road offers recording, mixing, editing, mastering and audio restoration services plus now an on-line mixing and mastering service.

Studio One is the regarded as being the world's largest purpose built music recording studio and can accommodate a 110-piece orchestra and 100-piece choir simultaneously. "Studio One's acoustic is as famous as the location, offering a supremely warm and clear sound, perfect for numerous types of recording, from solo piano to large orchestras and film scores. The live area also has two spacious isolation booths. A Steinway D concert grand and a celeste are also available."

Studio Two is one of the most famous studio in the world due to its historic Beatles recordings. "It has a unique design, acoustic and an unparalleled history of recording. The studio can comfortably accommodate up to 55 musicians for film scores and overdubs, as well as providing the perfect tracking room for bands. Available with the studio are a variety of upright pianos and a Steinway Model D concert grand."

Studio Three is one of the best 'undiscoverd' studios we know of. It's equipped with a massive 96 channel SSL console and is perfect for bands and film soundtrack work. We love this studio and it was the studio where Pink Floyd recorded many of their best works.

Abbey Road is one of the best studios in the World and has many award winning engineers, producers, mastering engineers, massive microphone collections etc etc. The studio offers an excellent mix of historic recording environments and leading edge recording equipment technology.

The studios increasingly are being used by TV and production companies to host live events from a unique venue globally renowned for it's creativity and history.

recording the beatles book launch at abbey road studios

Picture taken Nov 2006 at the Recording The Beatles book launch in Studio 2

poor quality shot of peter cobbin and ken scott at abbey road studio 2

Peter Cobbin (left) and Ken Scott (right)

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