Studio Tour

Axe and Trap Studios

Video tour with Ben Turner

Axe & Trap Recording Studios is a 4 room studio perfect for bands and just a quarter hour away from Glastonbury's famous site! Co-owner / engineer Ben Turner shows us around the recording spaces and gives a look in to their collection of instruments and equipment.

Studio/Room A is the main live room offering a good space to work, 7 m by 4 m is ideal for drum tracking, full-band recordings and even small orchestral work. Studio/Room B is a smaller room and ideal for tracking a drier close miked drum kit or guitar amps, vocals etc.

Axe and Trap Studios

Ben Turner amazingly battled the lockdown to produce a fantastic video tour around the studios and we think they are very worth a visit - we are planning to get down there and record some follow up features when we are able! Ben is best known for his production and mixing work with Part Chimp, Hey Colossus and SickOnes. He does a lot of heavier music as a multi instrumentalist he also has a strong indie and electronic history, musically and in the studio.

A big thanks to Harv Video/Audio Stuff for shooting the video - please check out the amazing channel:


Tel: 07854 518611

Address: 8 Underwood Business Park, Wookey Hole Road, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1AF

Axe and Trap Studios

Many thanks to the musicians that kindly allowed us to use their music in this video:

Part Chimp - Namekuji Hey Colossus (feat Mark Lanegan) - The Mirror The Weary Band - Salesman Keith Empty Pools - Pacey Grey Red Shift - Invasion

Recording & outboard equipment 

Trident 8T 24 channel mixing desk
Prism Orpheus Undertone Audio MP4DI (Quad Eight/Eric Valentine)
Focusrite ISA 428 BAE 1073 DMP
Focusrite ISA One
Vintage Design SU-1 Summing Box (Neve clone)
Joe Meek VC3Q
Electrodyne 501
Audio Maintenance LTD EZ 1073 (Neve) x2
Thermionic Culture, Culture Vulture
Solo Hear Technologies: Hear Back System (personal monitoring system)
Dynaudio LYD 48 3-Way Active Studio Monitor
Event TR-6 Monitors
Slate Dragon FET Compressor
Maag Audio EQ2 x2 Overstayer
REI M.A.S Saturater
Elysia Karacter Saturater
WEM Watkins Copicat IC300
Radioman Bus Compressor (SSL clone) FMR RNC1773
Klark Teknik KT-2A Compressor
Alesis Microverb
Great British spring reverb
Yamaha SPX90
DBX 263x de-esser


Slate, Eventide, Kush Audio, UAD and many more… Microphones: PearlMan TM-1 AKG 414eb Aston Spirit x2 Aventone CK-1 x2 Neumann KM84 Electrovoice Re20 Shure SM7b Shure Beta58 x2 Shure SM57 x6 Sennheiser MD421 Beyerdynamic M201 Beyerdynamic M 160 x2 Cascade FatHead x2 Mojave MA-200 Royer 101 Backline: HH Electronic VS Bass Amp 100w Orange AD30 Marshall 2x12 Guitar cabinet 1950’s Fender Bassman 20 with cab Leslie Solid State 760 Sharma Rotary Speaker 1974 Vox AC30 Ampeg VT22 1920’s Beckhardt Baby Grand Piano Electone Electric Organ Philips Philacordia 1977 Rhodes Mark 1 Seventy-Three* Lorenzo Chord Organ Wurlitzer Premier vintage 60’s kit Pearl Maple MLX kit Mapex Maple Black Panther Snare Pedals: Chandler Little Devil Boost, Ezekiel D.A.M 25.17 Bass Distortion, EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold, Green 90’s Russian Big Muff, Radial ABY Bones and many more…