Studio Tour Archive page: published 2004

Blink Music Studios

Blink Music is one of New England's most extensive recording and production studios providing an ultimate audio and production experience.

Blink Studios video feature

Combining advanced technology with top engineering talent in an inspired, creative atmosphere has helped Blink Music to become one of New England’s leading ProTools HD facilities. Blink Music offers excellent sound quality, creative talent, and engineering and has grown steadily since 1994 by a diverse and broad range of producers.

In December ace reporter, Johnny Jaskot, gets under the surface and brings out the flavour of what you can expect when working at Blink Music. Watching the video will show how Blink offers the serious musician, producer, or label an unbeatable combination of technical expertise, top-flight gear, and a space that naturally inspires great performances.To quote Blink: "It is our vision to constantly redefine and enhance your audio production experience while striving for Sonic Excellence".

We would like to thank all at Blink Music for taking the time out to let us tour the facilities and to talk about their work. Very special thanks to Johnny Jaskot of for his excellent journalism, filming and video editing!