Studio Tour Archive page: published 2002

Capitol Studios

One of the world's very top recording studios

Watch Al Schmitt popping in to Studio C with Studio Manager Paula Salvatore to chat with producer Jimbo Barton.

Tourists video tour

Watch Al Schmitt interviewed while in Studio A at Capitol Studios.

Capitol recording studios

When Johnny Mercer, Buddy DeSylva and Glen Wallichs started Capitol Records in 1942 they had a vision. Their vision was to create a record label that would attract the greatest artists of their time. The way to attract great artists was to give them a unique sound. To achieve this they saw a need to build a state-of-the-art recording studio facility exclusively for music recording. As their vision started to expand they quickly outgrew their existing recording studios on Melrose Avenue down the road from Paramount.

In 1954 they started plans to build a structure on North Vine Street two blocks away from Glen Wallichs Music City the future home of Capitol Records, The Capitol Tower. Today, Capitol Studios and Capitol Mastering have evolved into the Studio of the Future respecting the technology and creativity of the past and cultivating an adventurous spirit into the future. Utilizing digital and fiber optic technology along with quality vintage electronics and State of the Art room design, Capitol Studios and Mastering have broadened their scope as a leader in digital and global technology. With collaborators such as EDNet and Sonic Solutions, producers can finally be in two places at once; reducing travel expenses and without work disruption. These technological advances are available to the music, film, TV and advertising industries through Capitol Studios and Capitol Mastering.

Film, TV and advertising operate on a different pace with complex technical requirements.

Directors want it done yesterday and in today's economy, film companies and producers diligently watch their budgets. Composers prefer the atmosphere of record recording studios which generally do not have film, TV and advertising expertise. Capitol Studios offers an intermediate size recording facility from 4 to 75 pieces, with reasonable rates compared to commercial sound stages, with film, TV and ad professionals.

Capitol Studios and Capitol Mastering offer major record label resources through the entire creative process. As part of the EMI family they share a history of advanced recording technology with great studios like Abbey Road and Olympic. Their goal is to provide clients with the latest technological advances with a quality of service reflecting over 50 years of experience. With arguably the best technical staff in Los Angeles, no project is beyond their reach. Their staff's comprised of recording professionals who can anticipate your needs making abstract art an aural reality.

If you are ready to work in a relaxed, professional atmosphere with a "let's get the job done" attitude, please make an appointment with Paula Salvatore to tour the great Capitol Studios and Capitol Mastering.

We would like to sincerely thank all at Capitol Studios for taking the time to show us around and our special thanks go to Al Schmitt who took time out while working at Capitol to be featured. Thanks too to the team that recorded the video tour, Johnny Jaskot Producer/Director, Brian Sferrazzo Camera 1, and Eric Slater Camera 2 and lights. Even more special thanks go to Claris at for arranging this tour and Al's interview!

Truly a fabulous recording studio!