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Crooks Hall Studios

Crooks Hall Recording Studio is an affordable residential music studio situated near to Haverhill, Suffolk. The studio offers relaxed good quality recording spaces with unexpected bonus facilites including a tennis court and heated swimming pool!

The studio's recording equipment includes a good selection of microphones from Neumann, SE, Shure etc and the console is an Allen & Heath GSR24M.

John Metcalfe behind the controls of the mixing desk at Crooks Hall Recording Studios

Crooks Hall is based in a converted out building in the grounds near to the client accommodation and the studio has good soundproofing so recording can take place at any time without worrying about others, the nearest neighbour is over 1km away.

The live and control rooms have a combined area of around 55sqm, there is plenty of space in the studio for full band recording and there is lots of natural light in both rooms. Both rooms are acoustically treated with design by Bryan Pape of GIK Acoustics.

The studio is fitted with solid oak flooring throughout and both rooms have tall vaulted ceilings. Plenty of comfy seating in the control room means long sessions don't feel quite so tiring, not to mention the great tea and coffee!

The accommodation at Crooks Hall is situated next to the studio in a self-contained cottage complete with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and a cosy lounge with a wood burning stove and Sky TV.

Studio owner and engineer John Metcalfe say's "the most crucial part of the recording process is the performance of the musicians and we find that the best results come when everybody is comfortable and relaxed. That's why we put so much effort into making sure there is always somewhere perfect to unwind when not actively recording."

John also adds that "the leisure facilities are made available for clients to use during their stay. A full size tennis court and heated outdoor swimming pool are situated in the grounds and are free to use for band members. For rainy days there is plenty of indoor entertainment available with a PS3 and plenty of movies to watch."

Recording studio playing area at crooks hall studios


For any enquiries including booking please contact John Metcalfe:

Mobile: 07805 381578