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Eden Studios

Studio tour from 2003


Eden Studios were one of the longest established independent recording studios in the UK being set up roughly 30 years ago. The founders of this leading London music recording studio complex, Mike Gardner, Piers Ford-Crush and Philip Love still own the studios and their enthusiasm was very much evident as they continued to develop these excellent studios.

The recording studios, two main SSL rooms and a smaller post production room, had wonderful accommodation facilities. There were three self contained and well equipped flats opposite their studios with capacity for about ten people.

Eden Studios are one of the UK's longest established recording studios - watch the exclusive video tour here!

New studio manager Natalie gives her guided video tour

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Andy Richards at Eden Studios More pics of Eden Studios More Andy Richards at Eden Studios

Studio One underwent a complete ground up re-build just over two years ago. The design, lighting, atmosphere and attention to detail make this one of the nicest rooms in town.

These pictures can't fully convey the atmosphere of the rooms, which are absolutely top notch, so take our exclusive video tour with a complete tour of the facilities including a guide from technical director Mike Gardner showing the variable acoustics of Studio One and Andy Richards talks about the Out of Eden studio.

Also, watch Danton Supple's video interview shot at Eden Studios. Danton is a leading record producer and recording engineer and has recorded many artists at Eden Studios. Watch this Danton Supple Video shot at Eden Studios feature here.

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Eden Studio One Specs

• Solid State Logic 6056G + 4 stereo channels with G series computer & Total Recall.
• Mobile Keyboard Station.
• Separate equipment room (visible from control room).
• Monitor for display of SSL computer display & TV/video sources (2).
• Video sync available.
• Studio fully air conditioned.
• 10m x 7m (33’ x 22’) recording area with 2 vocal booths & drum booth. Yamaha 3/4 Grand Piano.
• Private daylit lounge with cable TV, video & stereo. Kitchen & dining area with fridge & microwave
• 2" Studer A800 mk III 24trk with optional Dolby A system (2)
• 1/2" Studer A80 with optional Dolby A or SR system
• Synchronisers - Motionworker & AMS-Neve ES Lock 1.12 (3)
• DAT - Tascam DA30 mk II
• DAT - Tascam DA20 (2)
• CD-R - HHB CDR800
• Cassette - Aiwa AD-F810 (1)
• Quested 15x2
• Yamaha NS10Ms
• AR18s
• Auratones
• AR18BXs
• KRK K-Roks

Effects, etc
• A&D Pan Scan
• AMS 15-80s 2ch delay/harmoniser
• AMS RMX 16 digital reverb
• BEL BD80
• BEL BD80s
• BEL BF20 Flanger
• Eventide H3000-D/SX ultra harmoniser
• EMT 140 stereo plate
• Lexicon 480L reverb
• Lexicon PCM 70 (v.3.01)
• Roland SDE3000 delay
• Yamaha Rev 7 digital reverb
• Yamaha SPX 90

Compressors & Gates
• Allison Gain Brain/Kepex (2)
• DBX 160X compressor (2)
• DBX 902 de-esser (4)
• Drawmer 1960 valve compressor
• Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate (2)
• Urei 1176LN limiter (2)
• BSS DPR-901 II

• Amek PM101 eq (4)
• Focusrite mic amp/eq (8ch)
• Klark Teknik DN27 31 band graphic eq
• TLA Neve eq & mic amp (4ch)