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fenix recording studios - staten island, new york

Watch 4 exclusive video features recorded at Fenix Studios Staten Island, New York

Fenix recording studios in Staten Island, New York, offers a really great range of recording and rehearsal studio spaces with some superb live rooms, Neve VR mixing console and all the obligatory Pro Tools systems! The thing that we like best isn't the equipment or the rooms, it's the friendly and warm atmosphere that is very musician friendly.

You can see some of this for yourself in this in an exciting series of video features that include record producer features and a 'fly on the wall' videos.

VIDEO 1 - Kevin Odom talks about Fenix Studios.

VIDEO 2 - Matt Rifino talks about Fenix Studios.

VIDEO 3 - Bernhard 'Pretty' Purdie - legendary drummer and producer feature.

VIDEO 4 - Vernon Reid of the Living Color talks about music at Fenix.

benhard pretty purdy and friends at fenix studios

Bernhard 'Pretty' Purdie means business at Fenix Studios

Fenix Recording and Rehearsal Studio is the vision of Bill and Tony Hanson. Since 1999 they have been dedicated in bringing quality recording and rehearsal to Staten Island to parallel it's constantly thriving music scene.

Through hard work and many years of upgrading the facility, Fenix Studios can now hold it's own with the big boys! Fenix is located at 4442 Arthur Kill road in Staten Island and has private parking. This unique facility operates three businesses daily consisting of 14 monthly rehearsal rooms and 4 hourly rehearsal rooms and finally, a first class recording studio featuring a Neve VPR 60 recording console with Flying fader automation, a Studer A827 two inch 24 track recorder & Pro Tools HD 3 and an extensive collection of outboard gear and a healthy microphone selection.

fenix recording studios

The recording room is 30' x 20' with 13' ceilings and 3 isolation booths. The staff at Fenix Studios offers many years of experience in recording all styles of music and can handle any type of recording job including demos for bands, intense production projects, voice-over and jingles as well as any type of tape transfer. They even restore vintage tapes in their tape baking oven.

bernhard pretty purdey

Some prominent projects Fenix has worked on recently include sessions with Bernard "Pretty" Purdie the worlds most recorded drummer and sessions with world class producer & guitarist Vernon Reid of the band Living Colour mixing tracks for Hyena records recording artist James Blood Ulmer.

With years of experience, all employees can guarantee a positive and worth-while experience here at Fenix, supplying you with all that the recording industry has to offer.

We are very grateful to everyone at Fenix Studios for giving up their time and letting us drag all of the camera gear around the studios to shoot these features. We strongly recommend Fenix Studios to anyone wanting to record in New York! Pay them a visit!

Special thanks to Johnny Jaskot of for filming and editing these features. Johnny really captured the spirit of Fenix and we are sure that you'll enjoy these features!
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