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Future Studios

Future recording studios offer excellent recording spaces and equipment but also features a live performance venue with webcasting plus post production.

future recording studios,sedona,arizona

Future Studios fuses the best of the past with the best of the present. Your recording experience begins with a great collection of vintage microphones including Nuemanns and Telefunkens and recording in some superb recording spaces. There is an extensive collection of vintage pre-amps, compressors, and other outboard gear and SSL 4040G mixing console and into Pro Tools HD3 to provide the convenience and flexibility that most contemporary artists, producers, and engineers are accustomed to. Watch the video tour around the studio to get a taste of what's on offer!

The control room features a George Augspurger design and line-of-sight views into the live room and twin isolation booths. The live room features a Hamond B3 organ with a Leslie 122, high ceilings, and over 500 square feet of space to be configured to your needs. The two isolation booths face into the live room and the control room offering a musical intimacy that many recording studios cannot provide.

Future Studios is a creative sanctuary nestled in the natural beauty of Sedona, Arizona's famous red-rocks and offers great deals on massage/bodywork and local lodgings from quaint and comfy to elegant and fancy. In addition, there are many hiking and biking trails within walking distance of the studio to relax and seek inspiration in the magic of the red rocks. Perfect to help you relax and get the best out of you.

Future Studios is located at 30 Hozoni Drive in Sedona, Arizona, USA. For more information about rates and studio availability call (928) 203-7711 or email.

Special thanks to everyone at Future Studios for all of their really great work in producing this video feature that we are very pleased to present!

future studios arizona - recording area

Studio Equipment

SSL 4040G

•Pro Tools HD3
•3 Digidesign 192 I/O
•Mac 65 Dual 2.3 GHz.

•2 Neve 33609 Stereo Compressors
w/Phoenix Audio Class A Outputs
•2 Universal Audio 175B Tube
•2 Urei 1176 LN Black Face (Original)
•Summit TLA 100
•Manley Massive Passive EQ
•ITI Stereo ME-230 EQ
•Pultec MEQ-5 tube
•Klein and Hummel UE-100 Tube EQ
•3 EMT 140S Stereo Plate Reverbs
•Sony DRE-2000A Digital Reverb
•Quantec Room Simulator
•Yamaha REV-1 Processor
•Otari UFC-24 Format Convertor
•2 Orban 622B EQ
•2 Orban 424A Compressor
•AMS 1580S 2 Channel Harmonizer/Delay

•4 Calrec PQ1161 Discrete Mic/3 Band EQ
•2 Telefunken V72 Mic Pre
•2 Telefunken V74 Converted Mic Pre
•Sonic Circus Rack
•Trident A Range Mic/4 Band EQ Class A
•DW Fearn VT-1 Tube Mic Pre

4 Crown PSA-2
•Crown K-1
•UREI 6500
•Perreaux 8000
•2 Perreaux 3000

•Augspurger Main Monitors, dual 15" TAD 1601's
•JBL 2450j compression driver
•Augspurger X-Over/AMP System
•White 4400 eq's with x-over
•Perreaux 8000c, 3000b, and spare 3000b
•Pair JBL LSR 28P
•Pair Yamaha NS-10M


149 Tube
Match Pair U67 Stephen Paul 0.7 Capsule
Pair KM 64 Tube

Pair 414 EB
3 C451E

Ela-M250e Original Klaus Heine
U47 VF14 Bill Bradley

5 421s

5 SM57s
2 SM81s

2 408 ND
868 ND

2 77A Ribbon Mics

Korg Triton Work Station
Hammond B3 w/ Leslie 122
Roland V-Drums

Future Studios offers audiences a variety of live entertainment possibilities in a comforable and intimate environment. Shows are focused on artists with inspiring messages who promote positive global change, and strive to unite our world in true harmony. Future Studios is Arizona's only all-ages, smoke- and alcohol-free live-performance venue and audio/video Internet-Streaming Facility.

Many of the shows at Future Studios are shot live with multiple cameras and are available online via's exclusive live World-Wide Webcasts. Through Live World-Wide Webcasts, artists can reach their whole fan-base and beyond in one Live event, revolutionizing the concert industry as we know it.

The walls at Future Studios are decorated with murals and other visual art created by Sedona's CosmoArtists™ and several walls are dedicated to social, political, and musical activists. Future have created an environment that honors those people who have put their lives on the line by taking a stand for peace, justice, and social equality, people such as John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and Ken Saro Wiwa. Many of these people lost their lives because they stood up against a system that isn't beneficial for all humanity.

Bring the whole family to experience a professional sound and lighting stage and performance hall. You can dance or sit and listen in cushioned theater seats!

Artists interested in performing at Future Studios and/or reaching a global audience through a Live World-Wide Webcast please contact:

(928) 282-9139

Future Studios is located at 30 Hozoni Drive in Sedona, Arizona, USA. From Highway 89A, turn onto Tortilla Drive at GIANT (gas station), turn left onto Southwest Drive, and right onto Hozoni Drive.