Studio Tour

Germano Studios

New York Studios - 4 video features

Videos recorded at Germano Studios

Steve Jordan - Top producer and drummer

Pat Dillett - Top recording engineer and producer

Ann Mincieli - Super talented top engineer

Ed Tutton - Top producer and engineer

2009 we visited Germano Studios. We aren't easilly impressed but we came away absolutely 'blown away' with the studios. The range of gear is second to none but more importantly, it was the attention to detail and sheer enthusiasm that got us. It's easy to knock a studio together and expect people to visit but these days, going to a studio can be looked on as a luxury and for that reason the studio has to have compelling reasons to be on the list, and boy, Germano Studios delivers.

Rather than have us blather on about how great the studios are, why not pay them a visit? Troy, the owner, is a true enthusiast and is running two of the nicest studios that we've seen in years. Their website gives a good idea about the setup but nothing beats actually visiting.

We recorded a few producer and engineer video interviews at Germano and you can get a taste of the studios watching these features. We would like to say a very big thank you to Troy Germano and everyone else at Germano Studios for helping make these features possible.