Studio Tour Closed Archive page: published 2000

Great Linford Manor Studios

Tony Platt's tour of Great Linford Manor Studios

Great Linford Manor is about an hours drive from central London, near Milton Keynes. The building is very grand and impressive, yet friendly and warm in character and is very old, c1700. The studio area used to be a ball-room, so it was designed as a room for musicians in the first place and the sound of the recording area is fantastic, and following its massive changes to the control room, make the studio a great choice for anyone that uses real instruments.

great linford manor studios

Pete Winkelman, Great Linford's owner, has recently shipped his old classic console to an American collector in L.A.and in its place, Pete's installed a VRL which he's imported from Japan. The hot news though is that in addition to the Neve, a classic EMI console from Abbey Road (vintage 1972) has been wired up to the main console to offer a mix of recording qualities. The console first started life recording Pink Floyd's 'Wish you were here' album!

The studio, like all British residential's, has a great atmosphere. Video features filmed at the studio are linked to below.

Watch top engineer Danton Supple talking about his work while at Great Linford Manor Studios

Tony Platt interview at Great Linford Manor page

Click here to watch the video showing their newly restored classic console

Blake strikes a pose

say 'Neves'

The control room

Pete shows us who's boss with his new 'Babbey Road' board

'Come to Great Linford to check out the classic 'Babbey Road desk'!

'Click on the secret door below to visit our site'

Capacitors!  You think I don't know one end of a resistor from the other!

OK!  You can have the soldering iron to play with then.  Just don't let him plug it in...

These pictures show Pete and Blake discussing the new 'Babbey Road' console