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LMS - Mobile Recording Studio

lms mobile recording studio london england

The LMS began its life in 1972, when Ronnie Lane, bass player, songwriter and singer with The Small Faces and The Faces imported a 1968 Airstream Trailer from the USA. Right out of the box the LMS was a massive success, and from the very first year was responsible for some of the most successful and influential recordings in rock music’s history. The sound of the “room” was legendary.

With slightly concave shoulders running through the whole length and across the width of the vehicle, the bass response, devoid of obligatory standing waves, was (& still is)regarded as stupendous, and many eminent producers considered it the flattest & most accurate control room in the world. Very few mobile studios have ever been the environment of choice for major album mixing – except the LMS.

Owner Paul says "it’s no co-incidence that the greatest drum sounds of all time… the classic, massive, ambient Zeppelin & Bonham sound... the purest interpretation of Moonie’s explosive, clattering Premier sound for The Who.... and the loose, rolling energy of The Faces, driven by Kenny’s huge, thundering, Ludwigs… Were all captured and preserved in the LMS."

The list of recordings in no particular order…..…..

Led Zeppelin – “Physical Graffiti”
The Who – “Quadrophenia”
Bad Company – “Bad Company”
Eric Clapton – “Rainbow Concert”
The Faces – “Ooh La La”
The Stones – “Black & Blue”
Mott The Hoople – “Mott”
The Who - “The Who by Numbers” &…
Ronnie Lane – “Slim Chance” &
“Rough Mix” with Pete Townsend

Other recordings include: Bob Marley, Jack Bruce, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Van Morrison, The Damned, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, John Lee Hooker, Keith & Ronnie, B.B. King, Dave Edmunds, Jeff Beck and…

inside the lms mobile recording studio truck

Total sales of recordings from the LMS are estimated to be around 500 million!

And now, the LMS is back. Resplendent in classic ‘70’s orange, sand & mauve and re-commissioned with a classic, analogue, Cadac console with loads of other rare, precious and funky old stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, the LMS will be available to make records that change the world in a location near you any day now…….

If you want a piece of this call: +44 (0)20 7702 0789