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Long Track Studios

UK recording studio

Finding Long Track Studios is a bit of a challenge but once you've found the long track to drive down you soon happen across one of the nicest mid priced studios in the UK. The studio is quite a bit larger than you'd expect with a spacious control room and vaulted studio area that's been treated as dead end, live end.

In the control room is an unusual Neve 66 Series converted broadcast desk with 24 monos and 12 stereos which is about just right. It's also In-Line so on mixdown there's plenty of inputs. To the side of the console is a rack full of interesting Calrec and other goodies, monitoring via Genelec and a very good range of mics are available.

Photographs of the studio in our Long Track Studios picture gallery

The recreation area is very nice, loads of space to relax and I guess this area could be tie lined in one day to give even more flexibility. If you want to get outside they have over 3 acres of grounds to enjoy too.

Long Track Studios

Back out in the main recording area they have some very thick padded curtains that can be drawn across to further deaden the sound and the studio very much feels like the kind of place to go track sessions with everyone in the room, we like that!