Studio Tour Archive page: published 2002

Marcussen Mastering Studios

Exclusive video feature

Watch the video to find out about Stephen Marcussen's unique Mastering services and facilities.

Marcussen Mastering is a state-of-the-art cutting-edge mastering facility combining the highest quality equipment and years of engineering experience results in the complete realization of a project's sound. The goal is to unlock the full potential of your music for you.

Stephen Marcussen's 20+ year career as a mastering engineer has seen the evolution of sound media from LP and cassette, to compact disc and has now entered the world of DVD audio

Marcussen Mastering continues to master a diversity of music from hard rock and pop to jazz and R&B as well as inspirational and international music. Numerous leading artists in these musical genres have come to Marcussen Mastering to maximize the sonic quality of their recordings. The studio offers an incredibly relaxing environment to allow you the peace of mind to focus on the sonic enhancements to your music. Marcussen's staff have a full knowledge of all recording, mastering, production and manufacturing processes to ensure your confidence in knowing that the final product will be the best it can be. Years of experience in satisfying all the needs of artists, producers, managers and record labels allows no question or concern to go unattended. The mastering services include: 2-Track Stereo, 5.1 Surround DVD Audio, 5.1 Surround DVD Video Mastering and SACD in 2-Track and Surround.

Marcussen Mastering is committed to providing you the ultimate in sonic enhancement to your musical work.

Special thanks to Marcussen Mastering and the team that filmed the interview at Capitol, Johnny Jaskot Interviewer /Producer /Director, Brian Sferrazzo Camera 1, and Eric Slater Camera 2 and lights.

Special thanks also go to Claris at for facilitating this feature!