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Marshall Studios

Impressive studio built by Marshall with unique equipment

Marshall Studios

Tour around an epic recording studio built by Marshall next to their amplification manufacturing plant in Milton Keynes, England.  This is not any ordinary studio (and we love all and even ordinary studios) but this is something designed to be far more flexible than most - due to the size of the space available this studio offers a recording area able to fit an audience of 250 people so you can set up as a band to go for live takes with a packed audience giving a completely new range of possibilities.  Whatever the way you wish to record, you can do so here.

Marshall recording studios with classic Neve mixing console

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Packed with vintage and classic recording equipment including esoteric distortion units, analogue delay lines, compressors and a patch bay one imagines used to be housed in an old style phone exchange for a small town sits the Blake Devitt engineered Neve 8048 console.  This is gargantuan and hails back to its beginnings in Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris way back in the early 70’s.  

Following much work and re-engineering, including many recycled modules and parts from a multitude of old desks, Blake has brought in to the World something akin to a battle cruiser class of mixing desk.  This is one of the most brawny, well built and Herculean desks available in the Milton Keynes area (and about 1,000 miles around).  It’s so burly it possibly bends light due to its density!

In this video, studio engineer Adam Beer and assistant engineer Oliver Brightman take us on a tour of the studio and equipment in the racks.  We also recorded a piano recording video and also a guitar recording feature to show off the sound and flexibility of Marshall Studios, there will be links added once these videos have been edited and up on the website.

Many thanks to everyone who helped in making this studio tour possible - we highly recommend Marshall Studios and are confident that anyone visiting too check it out will be impressed enough to think of booking when a suitable session requires the unique mix of facilities. 




Marshall recording studios with classic Neve mixing console

The centrepiece of the Marshall studio is a Neve 8048 console.

Record through Focusrite RedNet A/D converters on to the latest version of Protools Ultimate and numerous relay points mean you can record anywhere. Unique features of the desk include: 

  • 32 x 1093 equalisers built from new motherboard; all transformers and amplifiers are Neve originals.
  • 32x1948routeingmodulesrebuiltandmodified,and8additional units rebuilt and modified for a full channel count of 40.
  • Console fitted with 2 x 1066 Channel amps, a 1077 channel amplifier, a 1089 channel amplifier, a 1084 channel amplifier, and 3 x 2065 filter units configured as microphone amplifiers.
  • 8 channel section rebuilt with original Neve bussbars and connector rails to take new 1948 routeing modules.
  • Compression area fitted with a 2254 and 2254E compressor.
  • All busses class A, with class A/B parallel outputs.
  • Additional patch desk bay frame fitted with 2 x 2264 limiter compressors, 2 x 2081 notch filters, and 4 x 2065 filter modules configured as microphone amplifiers.
  • Line amplifiers consist of 34 x rebuilt 1272 class A amplifiers, 2 x 1271 class A amplifiers, 1 x 1278 loudspeaker amplifier, plus 2 pairs of modified 3415 amps for the A/B output.
  • Solo circuit modified to be solo ‘in place’ with stereo solo circuitry added.
  • 1–32 channel outputs switchable to monitor section for 32 channel mixdown.
  • Newly designed monitoring system fitted to monitor any stereo pair of busses in the console, without using the monitor section.

• Channels 1–24 include switchable pre-EQ insertion points, courtesy of 24 x 3416 line amplifiers: 12 in each rack in the rear of channels 1–24. 

• Stereo metering facility included with a pair of Sifam 32AF VU meters, and a pair of Sifam 32 PPm meters with Neve PPM driver boards. 

• All VU meters modified for removal of series 3k6 resistors, replaced with trimmers, and calibrated for improved accuracy. 

• Modified monitor section so the patch desk bay frame can go straight to monitor section. 

• Monitor section channels 1–32, to include their own insert point, _post_ relay switching, to enable any monitor section to be ‘locked’ with any inserted signal. 

• Modified B (main ground) bar increased by addition of a 10mm x 10mm copper bar equivalent to a 169 mm2 copper bar; 

Marshall recording studios with classic Neve mixing console

• Right section of console (channels 25–40) modified to ‘mix’ onto left section (channels 1–24) via 13 x 1279 amplifiers for the purposes of avoiding very long continuous busses which, in turn, lowers noise floor levels. 

• 8 x 1903 buss bounce down modules configured as a separate submixer on the patch desk bay frame; not tied to buss 1-16 per original Neve specification. 

• Original Coutant power supplies, with screw- on terminals, replaced with 7 x Neve built 33605 power supplies (plus 2 spares), in 3 x Neve 19” racks under the patch desk bay frame; able to be re-located due to 15 metre power cables. 

• Patch desk bay frame (which has been constructed from another Neve console) holding GPO 316 Jackfields for connection to Pro Tools digital audio workstation and a tape machine. 

• 15 metre console to patch bay cables. 



• Avid HDX PCIe Card
• DBX 160A (x2)
• Focusrite Rednet A16 (x4)
• Focusrite RedNet AM2 (x6)
• Focusrite RedNet HD32R (x2)
• Smart Research C2
• Universal Audio 1176LN (x2)
• Universal Audio UA LA-2A
• SSL Xlogic Alpha VHD Pre 4 Channel • Yamaha SPX 990
• Empirical Labs EL8XS (x2) 



Yamaha NS10
Quested Main Monitors
Adam Audio S5H
Neumann KH120A 



• AKG C414 XLII Stereo Set (x2)
• AKG C451 Stereo (x2)
• Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO 80 ohms (x4) • BSS AR133 (x4)
• Coles 4038 Pair (x2)
• Coles 4071B Stand adapter (x2)
• EV RE20
• Neumann EA 87 (mounting system)
• Neumann KM184
• Neumann U47 FET
• Neumann U87 (x2)
• Radial JCR Re-amper
• Radial JCR Stereo DI
• Radial Pro DI (x4)
• Royer R-121 (x2)
• Sennheiser e609 (x2)
• Sennheiser e901
• Sennheiser e904 (x4)
• Sennheiser E935 (x2)
• Sennheiser MD421-II (x2)
• Shure Beta 52A (x2)
• Shure Beta 56A (x3)
• Shure Beta 58A (x4)
• Shure Beta 91A
• Shure KSM141
• Shure KSM353
• Shure KSM42
• Shure KSM44a
• Shure KSM8 

• Shure SM27
• Shure SM57 (x7)
• Shure SM58 LC (x4)
• Shure SM58 SE
• Shure SM7B
• Shure SRH1540 headphones (x3) • Shure SRH940-E headphones (x2) • Telefunken AR-70
• Telefunken TF47
• Telefunken TF51
• Triton Audio FetHead (x4) 


• 1959HW Head
• 1962 Bluesbreaker Combo • 1974x Combo
• 1987x PW Combo
• 2555X Head
• Astoria
• AS50D Combo
• Class 5 Head
• Code25 Combo
• DSL40 Combo
• EL34 50/50 Rack amp
• EL34 100/100 Rack amp
• JCM 800 2203 Head
• JMP-1 Head
• JTM 2245 Head
• JVM410H Head 

• MG15R Combo • Origin 20 Head • SL5 Head
• Studio Classic • Studio Vintage • YJM100 Head • 1960a Cab 

• 1960BHW Cab • 1960BX Cab
• 2551AV Cab
• 2x VBA400 

• 1x Marshall DBS 2x12 • Eden WTP 


• Natal Cafe Racer Kit - 22”, 10”, 12”, 16”FT
• Natal Maple Original Kit – 22”, 12”, 14”FT, 16”FT • 13” x 6.5” Natal Walnut Snare
• 13” x 7” Natal Steel Hammered Snare
• 14” x 5.5” Natal Walnut + Maple Snare
• 14” x 7” Natal Mappa Burl Snare
• Natal percussion
• Zildjian K Cymbals 


• Fender Stratocaster Ultra HSS • Fender Ultra Jazz bass
• Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s • Yamaha FG 

• Tanglewood Banjo
• Extensive range of guitar pedals 



T: +44 (0) 1908 375411