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Marshall Studios

Impressive studio built by Marshall with unique equipment

Tour around an epic recording studio built by Marshall next to their amplification manufacturing plant in Milton Keynes, England. This is not any ordinary studio (and we love all and even ordinary studios) but this is something designed to be far more flexible than most - due to the size of the space available this studio offers a recording area able to fit an audience of 250 people so you can set up as a band to go for live takes with a packed audience giving a completely new range of possibilities.  Whatever the way you wish to record, you can do so here.

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Marshall recording studios with classic Neve mixing console

Packed with vintage and classic recording equipment including esoteric distortion units, analogue delay lines, compressors and a patch bay one imagines used to be housed in an old style phone exchange for a small town sits the Blake Devitt engineered Neve 8048 console.  This is gargantuan and hails back to its beginnings in Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris way back in the early 70’s.  

Following much work and re-engineering, including many recycled modules and parts from a multitude of old desks, Blake has brought in to the World something akin to a battle cruiser class of mixing desk.  This is one of the most brawny, well built and Herculean desks available in the Milton Keynes area (and about 1,000 miles around).  It’s so burly it possibly bends light due to its density!

Marshall recording studios with classic Neve mixing console

In this video, studio engineer Adam Beer and assistant engineer Oliver Brightman take us on a tour of the studio and equipment in the racks.  We also recorded a piano recording video and also a guitar recording feature to show off the sound and flexibility of Marshall Studios, there will be links added once these videos have been edited and up on the website.

Many thanks to everyone who helped in making this studio tour possible - we highly recommend Marshall Studios and are confident that anyone visiting too check it out will be impressed enough to think of booking when a suitable session requires the unique mix of facilities.

Adam Beer Marshall Studio Manager and Engineer

Adam Beer Marshall Studio Manager and Engineer


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