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Monkey Puzzle House

Residential music recording studio in Ipswich UK

Excellent new SSL residential recording studio an hour from London.

Monkey Puzzle House Studios opened the doors with their new SSL AWS 900+ in August 2007. What really amazed us was the superb recording space that just sounds great and the design and feel of the studio is really, really great.

So, what's in the box? A good selection of mics, outboard, mic-pre's, SSL console, Pro Tools, superb studio and control room, great residential facilities, lots of natural daylight, great contryside location but close to London and most importantly, a great atmosphere. We can't stress the great atmosphere enough, it's one of the most together and relaxed environments that we've ever encountered and it costs a fraction of the money that you'd pay anywhere else...

If you're on a tight budget but want an 'expensive' studio, you really must pay them a visit.

monkey puzzle house recording studios

Watch record producer Dave Chang video interview shot at Monkey Puzzle House.

record producer dave chang at monkey puzzle house recording studios