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Mwnci Studios

Residential Welsh recording studio

Mwnci (Monkey) Recording Studio is situated in West Wales in the stunning Taf Valley. Mwnci is a mid-sized residential studio featuring a 430 sq ft Live Room and a 323 sq ft Control Room fully equipped with a state of the art Pro tools HD3 recording system. The Recording Studio is part of the Dolwilym Estate, one of the most idyllic places in the UK.

Mwnci Recording Studios

Studio owner, Jethro Chaplin, is a recording engineer with many years experience. Jethro has worked with hundreds of bands and is also a musician. “I have played in bands for many years but am now focusing fully on recording/production. As well as recording bands I make electronica and have recently been working with a wide range of vocalists. This year I will be mostly focusing on the studio”.

Mwnci Studios has a selection of tools that any professional studio engineer will be familiar with. One of the most compelling reasons to pay them a visit is the outstanding natural setting which should help even the most jaded musician work with renewed energy and enthusiasm, and that's the important thing, feeling good helps get the best performances!

Jethro has had compositions used by:

Channel 4
Sky Sports (2 and 3)
Home and Leisure
STV Grampian

His work has been used on programs such as The Gadget Show, Total Rugby, House Doctor, Futbol Mundial, Wheeler Dealers and Weidi 7. “I have many compositions with Audio Network plc where i am a registered Composer” say's Jethro.

For further information vist the Mwnci Studios website.