Studio Tour

Old Library Studios

Video tour with recording engineer Joff Spittlehouse

Joff Spittlehouse took time out of a session recently to show us around The Old Library Studios. The studio is in the heart of Mansfield has been running at its current location for over seven years. It's very easy to reach, a mainline railway station means easy access for London bands.

The recording studio comprises a good sized control room with a main live area with two booths off for isolation and perfect for amps etc. In addition there is a massive live area with a bright wooden feel with daylight flooding in and then there is the super massive live stage / performance area. This is tie lined in to the other rooms. This area sounds really good and has a range of deader and liver areas. You can easilly set up as a live band for a performance, invite your fans and do a live recording. This is something that very few studios offer.

Joff Spittlehouse at The Old Library Studios Mixing Desk

In addition to all of the recording and mixing facilities there is a really nice cafe attached to the studio, mostly aimed at catering to bands that play the performance space but you can be sure of a great cup of tea and nice food when you are hungry and need to get out of the studio for a well earned break.

Joff as house engineer has many years experience and is super keen taking great delight in showing off the latest microphones that they have recently bought. In addition to a good range of mics and outboard, compressors etc, they studio has a very good selection of guitar amps, snare drumes etc so getting a tone or sound that you're looking for shouldn't be a problem.

The control room of Old Library Recording Studios

Some of the instruments and backline include:

Pearl Reference Shell pack 12/13/16/22 & 14x6.5 Snare
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Marshall DSL2000
Marshall JMP1
Ampeg SVT Classic

Anyway, enough of the blurb, please watch the video and then pop up to visit the studio!

The Old Library, Leeming Street
NG18 1NG Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Phone 01623 644377