Studio Tour Archive page: published 2004

Old Smithy Studios

Archive feature

We're pleased to bring an exclusive Old Smithy Recording Studio video.

old smithy recording studios

Old Smithy offers a very Spacious classic design 1000 sq ft studio suitable for all music bands and small orchestras.

The main studio area harks back to an era that has since passed by many newer studio designs - this is not a bad thing, it offers a large recording area and has a unique atmosphere and recording environment that is very close to that of say Abbey Road or Ocean Way. You'd be forgiven for thinking that you were in LA and not rural Worcestershire, UK.

The Old Smithy Studios are celebrating their 25th year of business and they have seen many famous musicians recording there including Robert Plant and Edwin Star. In our exclusive video feature you can take the tour around the studios and see the studio's owner talking about its history and plans for the future.

The main control room features Quested monitors with a Focusrite Pro Tools front end recording console. The 3M M79 24 track machine has Dolby A noise reduction whilst the studio has a fabulous Steinway over-strung grand piano.

muff murfin, old smithy studios owner talks about the recording studio's history

Other keyboards and sound modules include a Roland D70, Korg 01/W, Roland MOC 1, Korg M3R, EMU Orbit Dance Planet, Akai S3000XL, Akai CD3000XL, and Studio Vocalist. An RP583 Bellari Studio Dual tube and Compressor/limiter, and a RP533 Processor are just two recent additions made to a comprehensive list of reverb, delay and gating facilities

The Old Smithy has audio facilities that comprise three studio suites two 8 track and a full 24 track ~ISDN ~ Hard disk editing ~ CD Library.

Special thanks to every one at The Old Smithy for taking the time out to produce this video!

Gareth, the engineer featured here has since moved.