Studio Tour

Orgone Studios

Jaime Gomez Arellano's recording studio

Mike Exeter headed up the M1 to visit Jaime's new Orgone Studios in Bedfordshire. This video runs just under 10 minutes and hopefully you'll get a good flavour of what the new studio and Jaime are about.

The new studio is based in a converted World War Two radio station in a very attractive countryside location. Space is huge and the sound of the room is lovely with an isolation area and kitchen it's the perfect tracking facility which features SSL's AWS 948 console and more Marshall amps than we've seen in many years. The focus of Jaime has been to provide excellent choices of drums and guitar cabs rather than get superfulous signal processing - getting the sounds right at source is key.

Visit Orgone Studios website for further information.

Special thanks to Mike Exeter for taking the time out to record this feature!