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Phoenix Sound - new London recording studio based at Pinewood Studios London

"After many months of meetings and negotiations, and our fair share of anguish, I am delighted to announce the relocation of Phoenix Sound, once again rising from the ashes", say's Pete Fielder of Phoenix Sound.

The new home for Phoenix is on site at the world famous Pinewood Studios, home of the British film industry. Phase one of the relocation is a single studio facility with a control room accommodating a 72 channel Neve VR console and includes full 5.1 surround monitoring, video projection, a wide variety of outboard equipment and a complete range of multitrack capability.

David Ward and Pete Fielder of Phoenix Sound Studios London

Recording and mixing music and audio for film, television and CD, ADR plus all post production options are all available.

Musician capacity is around 30, however tie lines to the enormous, and adjacent, F Stage could be made available for full orchestral recording.

Pinewood is already home to a mixture of audio and music related business activities - these include Artemis Music and Spatial Audio. The intention is to work closely with these and other companies on site by offering complete audio packages for film and television productions, and also working alongside Pinewood's own dubbing and post production facilities.

The re-emergence of Phoenix Sound is being enhanced by a coalition with David Ward's Gateway Studios, moving from their long time headquarters at Kingston University. Gateway's accomplished history will contribute to the strong industry brand established by Phoenix, enabling this new partnership, combined with the comprehensive support of Pinewood's spectacular facilities, to create a unique service to the film, television and record industries. Additionally, Gateway's educational credentials means their involvement will bring opportunities to Pinewood for professional development training in audio and sound for the film, television and music industries in collaboration with the Musicians Union, an investor in Phoenix Sound, and potentially BKSTS, the Production Guild and Screen South.

The creative talents of their pool of sound engineers will continue to be available, including;
James Collins, Toby Wood, Erik Jordan, Mark Tucker, Dave Moore, Dick Lewzey, Steve Lowe and Fin Barnes.

During the past few months Phoenix Sound has been active by providing services and engineers for, amongst others, musical director Ray Monk to record and mix the music for Granada Television's "Stars in their Eyes", and hiring studios best suited for his requirements.

To find out more please visit Phoenix Sound's website. We hope to have a video feature here in the near future.