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Real World Studios

One of the finest studios in the world

George Shilling's tour of Real World Studios

George Shilling recently worked at Real World Studios and found the time to record a short studio tour mid-session to give us a his perspective on this amazing recording studio.

Completely unique in style and character, Real World is a collection of stunning studios.  Without any doubt, the main studio, 'The Big Room', is not big - they call it big - we disagree: It's GIGANTIC. Herds of wildebeest could charge through and the chances are you'd not be flattened. The above panoramic view of the control room gives only a hint of the dimension. Awesome

Real World Studios

The Big Room features a huge K Series SSL console and the range of outboard is second to none. Although the control room could accommodate a Boeing 747, it sounds great and is a superb space to work, be it recording or mixing!

What makes the studio such a success though is the range of recording areas. The 'Wooden Room' is simply brilliant!; If you can't get a good sound in there, well, there's an alternative career to look at!

Chris Lord Alge at the controls of the SSL in the Big Room

Chris Lord Alge at the controls of the SSL in the Big Room

The studio comprises the Big Room and the Wooden Room.  Both can be used together or, if budgets and requirements dictate, both can work as seperate studios.  The Wooden Room, as seen in this tour, has it's own SSL AWS console with Neve side-car plus monitoring which can be located in the booth or out in the studio area.  The Big Room is vast and has effectively a drum booth at the rear of the control room, loads of playing space at the rear with a booth to the front right.  There's also a machine room on the front left which could be used as further isolation (we think).

There's now a new Dolby ATMOS room and George let's us have a quick look in there and we hope to cover this in more depth at some later date.

Our photo taken way back when the SSL K Series console was being installed in the Big Room

Our photo taken way back when the SSL K Series console was being installed in the Big Room

The old. smaller SSL 'Work Room', and Stone Room is now part of the studio's offices so sadly isn't available any longer.


Stone cottages with a village feel are perfect to set up home in. Rest areas tucked away in nook and crannies provide space. The dining facilities are superb. The grounds also offer lots of space and air.

Again, their standards of accommodation, food, atmosphere and comfort are what define a top residential studio. Run by very competent staff with huge knowledge and understanding of the artists requirements guarantee perfect sessions.

New SSL console undergoes testing at Real World Studios

Tim Oliver, Owen Leach (retired), and Studio Director, Mike Large, have created a studio that must rank high on the worlds top studio charts.

Real World Recording Studios, Bath, UK

Watch the archive video interview with regular Real World engineer/producer Ben Findlay shot in the Big Room in 2000.

Dickie Chappell recording on the SSL C300 at an event at Real World in July 2006

Dickie Chappell uses the SSL C300 to record a live gig at Real World