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Rimshot Recording Studios

Video feature with engineer Mike Thorne

We have just visited Rimshot Studios down in Kent, under and hour from London, to finally see the completed studio. The studio owner and engineer (and musician too) Mike Thorne has built one of the most amazing new studios in the UK. This isn't just a studio squeezed in to an industrial unit, (not that there's anything wrong with that!) it's a ground up construction that is designed to be a top class recording studio.

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The studio is constructed with an oak frame and the design is just beautiful. About 25 or more musicians can comfortably fit in to the main recording space and there are additional iso rooms and areas. The control room is spacious and we really like the design in here too.

rimshot recording studios

Above all of the hard work and design of the studio we love the atmosphere. It's warm, comfortable, roomy but not too big, relaxed yet purposeful. The people running the studio really know what they were going for and when you walk in to the control room and see the SSL AWS and classic Decca desk with vintage valve (tube) Ampex machines you know you're in a very special space.

Mike who runs the studio is a musician and he has built the kind of studio that he's like to work at and thankfully it's the kind of studio that most pro engineers, producers and artisits will appreciate. The place is crammed with loads of vintage microphones, classic and new recording equipment, instruments and so much more.

mike thorne, recording engineer at rimshot recording studios

We hope to bring more in-depth information about the studio over the coming year and hope to record a few new videos here. We really hope that you'll pay them a visit and see why we were so impressed. The studio is 'priced to sell' and it's going to be very popular.

View our photos of Rimshot Studios

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