Studio Tour

Riverlight recording studios

London, UK

A video tour around Riverlight Studios will be here sometime in the future.

riverlight recording studios battersea london uk with ssl aws 900 mixing console

Nestled away from the fast paced life in the city, Riverlight offers a very unusual and creative environment to record and mix just off the river North of Battersea. The studio is mostly private but will soon take paying projects. The studio is owned by talented composer Leo Cottakis.

The main recording area is on the ground floor and features a unique atmosphere, a little like you'd expect an exclusive but cosy gentleman's club to look with the way it's been decorated and in pride of place a grand piano sits as the centre piece. This is one of the most tasteful studio designs we have seen.

riverlight studios owner leo cotakis

The studio features a writing room with an enormous range of keyboards and Pro Tools with the control room pictured above featuring an SSL AWS 900 mixing console plus a lot of really nice outboard equipment.

Riverlight Studio handles mostly classical work but also a combination of electronic/acoustic non pop and rock multitrack work.

We hope to bring a feature with the studio owner Leo Cottakis in the near future.