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Rooksmere Studios

Mark Hutchinson feature

We recently recorded a new video interview with Rooksmere Studios' Mark Hutchinson. Russell Cottier asked the questions and Blair Dunlop joins the conversation half way through to discuss Mark's Folk Music production techniques.

Mark reputation as a top Folk Music producer has been growing over recent years. A notable success is his partnership with BBC Folk Music Award winner Blair Dunlop so Russell Cottier visited Rooksmere Studios to find out more talking with both Mark and Blair Dunlop.

mark hutchinson at rooksmere studios

Northampton based Rooksmere Studio is run by Producer/Engineer Mark Hutchinson who has experience in recording all styles of music. As well as his recording and mixing skills, Mark is also a professional musician, currently signed to Talking elephant records. Mark brings these skills to the studio environment, helping clients to achieve their full potential.

Watch the video shot at Rooksmere Studios featuring Snake Davis

Within easy reach of London and Birmingham, Rooksmere Recording Studios have been purposely built from the ground up designed by world renowned acoustic consultants White Mark. The studio is ideal for all types of recording, from full bands to voiceover artists.

recording engineer mark hutchinson at rooksmere studios

The control room has clearly been carefully designed and equipped to ensure great results combining the best of digital and analogue equipment to provide the sonic quality required for a professional result.

The recording area offers a very well controled space ideally suited to recording everything from bands through to overdubs. Many musicians such as Snake Davis love the studios.

Studio owner Mark Hutchinson is a songwriter, sequence programmer, composer, guitarist and singer and will bring these skills to your project.

Look at our of Mark Hutchinson photos in this Gallery

mark hutchinson at rooksmere recording studios

Studio equipment


RADAR 24 - 24 Multi-Track Recorder
Protools HD2 Accel

Audio editing & Sequencing

Apple Mac G5
Protools HD V7
Protools 192 I/O interface
Protools 96 I/O interface
MOTU 2408 interface
Digidesign Sync I/O
Logic Pro 7
Waveburner Pro
Emagic EXS 24 Software Sampler
MIDI Keyboard

Plug-in effects

Digidesign Revibe
Line 6 Echo Farm
Massenburg EQ
Sony Oxford EQ
Antares Autotune
Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor
Digidesign Smack! Compressor
Eventide H949 Harmonizer
Bomb Factory Classic Compressors
-modelled on the Urei 1176 & LA-2A Compressors
Trillium Lane Labs TL Space (Convolution) Reverb
Waves Gold Bundle- Host of Plugin's for Tracking, Mixing & Mastering!
Waves Renaissance Channel - vintage processing
Focusrite D2 & D3 (EQ & Compression)
Digidesign DPP-1 - Pitch Correction
+ many more!


Fender Strat guitar
Martin D28 acoustic guitar
Spanish Guitar
Fender Precision Bass
Peavey Classic amp
Yamaha synth


Miller & Kreisel - MSP 2510P Satellites & MSP 5310 Subwoofer
Yamaha NS10's


Focusrite ISA 220 Channel Strip
TL Audio EQ -1 Valve Equalizer/Pre-amp
TL Audio C-1 Valve Compressor/Pre-amp
T.C Electronics 4 band Parametric EQ
Behringer Compressor
Joe Meek Voice Channel/ Compressor
Lexicon PCM91 Reverb
Lexicon MPX100 Reverb
Lexicon MPX 1 Multi-Effects
4 Drawmer Gates
5 Drawmer Compressors
Line 6 Pod Guitar Pre-amp
Various Effects Pedals by Boss & MXR
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
Sony DAT Recorder
HHB CD Recorder


2 Neumann U87
1 Sennheiser MD 421 MkII
2 Shure KSM 141 - matched stereo pair
4 Shure SM57
1 Shure SM58
2 Audio Technica 4033
2 AKG C451b
1 Audix D4
1 AKG C414
1 AKG D12
1 AKG D112

rooksmere studios - recording area

Contact Info

Mark Hutchinson
130 Sywell Rd