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Runway Studios

Adrienne Aiken video feature

We recorded a short video with studio owner Adrienne Aiken (AD) at the studio and we think that you'll see that for a recording studio at the price they charge, the studio area is very large and the range of microphones, outboard and monitoring is very good.

Writer, producer, arranger and engineer, AD has had over 15 years experience producing both artists and music for tv and commericals. AD'sthe main engineer and producer but is also the person to speak to about studio bookings.

Runway Studios is a studio facility that caters for bands and musicians who want to record and rehearse in an exclusive environment without exclusive prices. By that they mean that on booking the rehearsal or recording session, you or your band will be the ONLY ones in the building so you'll be free to get as creative as you like without any of the 'competition' listening in.

Recording bookings, are 8 hour days and include an engineer and/or producer if required, and all the tea and coffee you can handle. Everyone at Runway cares as much as you do in the quality of your recording, and do their utmost to give you the sound you're after!

record producer and recording engineer Adrienne Aiken at Runway recording studios England

Visit the runway studios website for more information.