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Watch a fantastic series of video interviews with some leading record producers recorded at Strongroom Studios.

Steph Marziano at Strongroom talking about the studios and her love of recording drums

Neve VR control room at Strongroom recording studios

To quote Strongroom's website, "Strongroom is a vibrant, stimulating, creative place to work." We totally agree. Strongroom studios offer unique character and style with a very friendly and professional crew.

The idea to create Strongroom over 15 years ago came from owner Richard Boote who says,"having spent too long sitting around in boring studios I wanted to build something which was different and exciting, without compromising in any way on technical excellence." We challenge anyone not to fall in love with the studios when they visit. From a single studio at the heart of a vibrant London music scene in the mid-'80s, Strongroom has grown into a world-class recording and mix complex featuring four major recording studios, eight programming rooms and a 5.1 DVD audio encoding studio offering Dolby Digital and DTS, not to mention the Strongroom Bar & Restaurant where clients and industry professionals can meet and relax.

Pedro Ferreira recording engineer video interview at Strongroom Studios London

It's a range of services reflecting changes in the recording industry that are happening right now. As Richard says, "only at Strongroom can you be sure that these changes are being incorporated into an experienced professional environment, without losing either the energy of those changes or the quality of the service."

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Music producer Phil Harding at Strongroom recording studios

Video Interviews recorded at Strongroom

Ben Baptie
Phil Harding
Pedro Ferreira
Mike Nielsen
Dave Pemberton
Lin Gardiner

Richard Boote, owner of Strongroom Studios in Studio 3 SSL room

Richard Boote, Strongroom's owner behind the SSL in Studio 3