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Swanyard Studios

Studio closed February 2001

Swanyard Studio One Control Room

Swanyard Studio One Control Room - photograph from

Studio closed - A copy of their sad press release follows:

Its always difficult to say goodbye but sadly at the end of February 2001 the studios will be closing their glass doors for the final time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their business and support over the last few years. It's been great.

With studios like ourselves shutting down all over the place it should make the studio bookings situation a little easier and hopefully more profitable for the studios out there that are left! Its all been such a squeeze over the last few years hasn't it? I wish the remaining studios the best of luck over the next year. Kick some arse!

I would like to say a thank you to a few special people who have worked so hard to make Swanyard such a great studio to work in. James Law (Assistant Manager and part of the comedy duo) Sam Wiltshire ( for having grrrrrrrr!) John Harrison (Top Engineer, warmest person I know) Gavin Callaghan (unflappable Engineer and crap footie player, fancy breaking your arm Gavin?) Dave Nally (for being the best dam maintenance man in London!) Nick Kirkland (for being a Wollyback and awake 24seven) Keith Knowles (for all his support) Grippa (the irrepressible maniac with so much talent it makes the rest of us want to strangle ourselves in his dreadlocks) Rollo Armstrong (for all his business, support and never being enticed away, although I know some of you tried to! I know who you are, I know where you live!) Cheeky Records (for all their business) All the boys at Dreamhire for proving "service is paramount" and finally I would like to thank myself Michelle Ward for looking after the above with no concern for my own sanity!

It really has been a blast and from the Swanyard team we bid you, in the words of Anne Robinson "Goodbye!"...

Still, watch this space as we shall be back with a new venture in the very near future.

To be continued...

Swanyard Studio One Live Room

Swanyard Studio One Live Area - photograph from

History Lesson 1.

Swanyard Recording Studios was located in Islington, London, UK. Independant and privately owned it was opened in 1985 and had two SSL equipped studios.

Clients included Mo Solid Gold, Dido, Tom Jones & Portishead, Pulp, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Gabrielle, Moby, Jocelyn Brown, Dot Allison, Suede, Tricky, Cassius, Fierce, Maysa, Incognito, One Lady Owner, Faithless, Sister Bliss, Midnight Choir, Dusted & Robbie Williams.

"You are always welcome to make an appointment to view the studios, but as they are being demolished this might prove to be a waste of time and highly dangerous".

Swanyard Studio Two Control Room

Swanyard Studio Two Control Room - photograph from

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