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Edinburgh recording studio

tape studios -edinburgh recording studio

Tape Studios are Edinburgh's newest music studio and possibly one of the best equipped studios in Scotland if not the UK. Boasting two SSL Duality consoles, one 48 channels and the largest being 96 channels the studio has one of the most extensive outboard collections outside of L.A.

Pictured above is the main recording studio control room which features Studer 24 track analogue as well as all of the latest Pro Tools rigs. Pictures of the large mix room are further down the page.

Tape Recording Studios - Live area of main studio

The large live area for the main tracking studio is shown above with large double height recording space with well designed Munro Associates acoustics. Diffuse natural light helps to avoid cabin fever. There are numerous unusual and industry standard microphones, lot's of guitar amps, keyboards, pedals and a specially built drum kit - which sounds great!

Mix engineer Stephen Watkins behind the 96 channel Duality SSL console at Tape

Above is a view of Stephen Watkins own mix room within the Tape Studios facility. This room boasts a custom 96 channel SSL Duality mixing console and six floor to ceiling racks completely stuffed with vintage and new outboard equipment. Further echo plates, pedals and much more are also available.

Record Producer and Mix Engineer Stephen Watkins

There are very few people lucky enough to own a 96 channel Duality but based on what we've been hearing coming out of the studio, there are few people who can match Stephen's mixing ability and every channel gets used on pretty much every mix!

Stephen Watkins - music producer behind his SSL and massive outboard collection

A view of the mix room showing extensive outboard equipment, from classic compressors and limiters to vintage digital reverbs, it's all here!

Producer Stephen Watkins at Tape Studios main Mix Room

Mix engineer Stephen Watkins shown above and below in the main mix studio.

A view of the main Tape Studios mix room with Stephen Watkins

We hope to be bringing a full video feature and interview with super talented resident mix engineer Stephen Watkins (pictured above) in 2014 but for now please check out a few low resolution photos of the studios and we plan on doing a proper photo shoot at Tape in the next month - please check back for updates.

Do visit their stunning website:

tape studios stephen watkins working on his SSL Duality console