Studio Tour

The Crypt

Affordable large London studio

Nestled next door to Paul Epworth's The Church Studios is this hidden gem, The Crypt Studios.

Take a tour around this lovely studio perfect for band recording with large main studio space, good sized dead area/booth and full Dolby ATMOS equipped control room.

The Crypt Studios

The large recording space has a lovely range of drums, guitars, amps, keyboards, pianos and much more for musicians to choose from to help add colour to their music. Set up with a lighting grid it's a perfect place to record a band's video and even stream live performances. With such good height the room has a good 'volume' to it offering a huge degree of artistic choice in the sounds available, from screened for nice tight close sounds to a large and epic recording studio space for 'massive drums'.

Should reverb be your thing, the stair well is large and beautifully reverbant, perfect to feed drums, vocals or anything to be re-mic'd.

The Crypt Studios

The smaller dead space is set up with a number of bass amps and cabs, it's a perfect place to put a nervous singer if being out of sight to the control room is desired. It has a nice smooth sound and is also perfect for punchy guitar sounds.

In the control room a large range of gadgets are available, the full equipment list can be found on their website but there's little that we might ask for that isn't here already. Overall, the studio is clean, has a kitchen and is in a brilliant spot on Crouch End/Hill. You're moments away from great pubs, cafe's and more trendy places to eat.

The Crypt Studios

If you don't fancy recording in a nice residential Welsh studio and want to be in town, this is a great choice. Bands will love it and the staff are superb, really friendly , helpful and interested in helping musicians feel at ease and ready to make a great record.

This is a highly recommended studio that's well worth checking out. Many thanks to Ricky, David and Joe for taking the time out to chat and make this studio tour possible! Studio website: