Studio Tour

The Park Studios

Video tour with Tobin Jones

Tobin Jones, owner of The Park Studios in North London took producer/engineer Mike Exeter on a grand tour of his studio.

The thing that smacks you directly in the eye when walking through the door is the vibrant colour scheme. It's a bright, airy and very friendly place that puts people at ease. Packed full of great collections of guitar pedals right through to monster studio monitors, The Park is very well equipped but the most important thing is the atmosphere which is brilliant, friendly, funny even, the people are welcoming and highly experienced.

Tobin Jones at the Park studios

Please pay them a visit to look around after watching our video - pop over to their website to get the full equipment list.

Producer Tobin Jones

Many thanks to Tobin for his time and to Mike Exeter for being the RP 'talent' with special thanks to Jacob Holdsworth for filming and editing.

Thank you for allowing us to use The Pearl Harts track "Black Blood" and to The Los and the Deadlines track "Lust to Shop for Nothing" for the soundtrack!

The Pearl Harts

The Los and the Deadlines