Studio Tour Archive page: published 2003

The Village Recorder

Archive video features

Jeff Greenberg talks to Claris Sayadian-Dodge and Andre Fischer about the history of The Village

With a massive hit making history, The Village Recorder is possibly one of the few studios that the person on the street could name, for good reason!

Please note that these features are a little old and we hope to update them soon.

Over 4 videos shot at Village Recorders - this video features CEO Jeff Greenberg

Being the studio where some of the biggest hits and best recordings have been made, the Village continues to be at the leading edge. We are delighted to have a number of video features recorded at the Village at the end of 2003, we hope that you enjoy them and when you need a World class studio - call them up to arrange a visit to understand why your next project should be taken there!

Founded in 1968 by Geordie Hormel, The Village celebrates over 35 years as one of the top recording studios in the world. A massive history that includes many of Rock's most important albums the Village provides classic and leading edge equipment with a great atmosphere.

The Village is famous for landmark recordings by Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, The Stones, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Chili Peppers and many other projects.

We would like to thank all at the Village Recorders for taking so much time out and for being such a help in producing this series. Very special thanks to John Wooler, Lenise Bent, Andre Fischer and Jeff Greenberg! Even more special super de-luxe thanks to Claris of for arranging these interviews and Johnny Jaskot of for such excellent camera work and editing!

Video features recorded at the Village Recorder

John Wooler
Watch John Wooler talking exclusively with Record Production
Lenise Bent
Watch the exceptional Lenise Bent talking on camera while at the Village Recorder
Andre Fischer
Watch Andre Fischer talking on camera while taking time out at The Village Recorders

We are delighted to bring you these excellent video features. Special thanks to all at the Village Recorders for taking the time out to let us record there videos. Very special thanks to Claris of who arranged and asked the questions while Johnny Jaskot of did the rest!