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Toybox Studios

Bristol recording studio feature

Video interview with Ali Chant and Stef Hambrook at Toybox Studios.

We love Toybox Studios and have tried to bring a flavour of the studio but we really hope that you'll pay them a visit. Many thanks to everyone at Toybox for inviting us in!

Toybox Studios, Bristol UK

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toybox recording studio drum recording area

Toybox recording studio is located in a large, vaulted Georgian basement in central Bristol. They've a wide variety of different recording spaces, lots of old instruments and some very classic 'stuff' including the Trident TSM mixing console. The studio not only attracts Bristol’s finest but also numerous international artists and producers too.

The maze of different rooms and thick stone walls makes for a very diverse range of sounds and kind of makes us think of it as a slightly budget version of Rockfield, but in a maze of basements! If you know Rockfield you'll understand the sort of rooms on offer here and there's very few things that you're not likely to be able to handle here.

The leafy square outside the studio’s front door is a handy place to take a break. Inexpensive accommodation and all local amenities are less than 5 minutes walk away. The studio is located at the edge of the city center, close to the M32 motorway which joins Bristol to the M4, and 2 minutes walk from the new Cabot Circus shopping centre.

This is one studio that we were very surprised to find and hope that you pay them a visit.

Toybox Studios