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Chris D'Adda interview and studio tour

It's a rare thing these days to visit a music studio that we didn't know of so when Chris D'Adda of the Vale Studios got in touch we wanted to visit and know more.

Vale Studio is a residential recording studio based in Worcestershire in the English Midlands and have now been running for two years. They have a vintage Neve 8014 console, ProTools HD and a collection of classic microphones plus obscure Scully 8 track machines etc. Vale has a good and slightly unusual collection of vintage microphones and has a very useable and versatile room layout all tucked away in a Georgian manor house. You'll be very surprised when you visit, this is high class recording at very sensible money!

There are good sightlines between the main studio live room, each iso booth and the control room. Mic-lines and headphones can easily be run to the wonderful Bechstein grand piano in the adjacent Ballroom. In addition, the cellar houses a further isolation booth for amps and there's an excellen live echo chamber.

Separate from studio owners family accommodation there are three twin guest-rooms and an additional double room to accommodate a maximum of eight people or six band members plus a producer. There are separate guest bath and shower rooms making this one of the best value residential recording studios anywhere.

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Email Chris to arrange a visit

Studio 01386 861744
Mobile 07880 721121