Studio Tour Archive page: published 2008

Westpoint Studios

Archive feature

We loved this studio! A huge range of amazing vintage recording equipment, much of which we have never seen before, a great sounding control room and superb recording areas too!

westpoint music studios london uk with marc behind the neve mixing desk

Westpoint Studios are in North West London and offer a fantastic array of vintage and modern recording equipment in a warm, relaxed and great sounding studio. The main hub of the studio is a unique vintage Neve A246 recording console. Originally custom built for the BBC in 1970, the console has been modified for use in modern music production and now features 36 channels and 24 monitor channels, all with direct outputs. It is completely hand-wired with Class A, discrete electronics throughout. Sound quality is quite simply stunning.

In addition to the classic Neve mixing desk and other unique and rare outboard mic pre's etc there is also a large selection of guitars and keyboards for musicians to use during recording. All of this comes included in the price.

recording area at westpoint studios london

We really like the live area and the control room has a very spacious and comfortable feel. Recording at Westpoint is very flexible, the main recording area has a booth for isolation and the space between studio and control room is quite large so also doubles as a recording area with tie lines in place. At the back of the control room is a very good 'dead room'/isolation booth.

Marc, the studio manager and in house engineer, has a lot of his experience working at major London studios and the atmosphere here is excellent. This is one superb recording studio. We are looking forward to taking some proper pictures and shooting the video features in the near future. We really, really like Westpoint Studios and hope that you pay them a visit soon!