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Woodworm Studios

Historic studio that's perfect for bands

The above video was shot at Woodworm and hopefully gives a flavour of the studio and equipment. Many other videos recorded at the studio are lower down this page.

Woodworm Studios was previously Fairport Convention's private studio

With Woodworm Studios you get a real sense of history and atmosphere that reminds one of some truly classic studios such as RAK and Rockfield. This is a studio designed for bands by a band. The studio space has a very high ceiling and enables the producer / engineer to get a very impressive live drum sound but it offers many booths and alternative acoustics so that you have a wide variety of sounds available.

Woodworm Studios Website

Lower Street
Barford St. Michael,
Oxfordshire., OX15 0RH
Tel: 07810 484628

The control room showing SSL Duality mixing desk at Woodworm Studios

Stuart Jones bought Woodworm Studios around 2012 and then spent a year renovating and completely re-equipping with some of the most up-to-date equipment (see the picture above) and the range of microphones is top class. There is a good selection of amps, cabs, grand piano etc etc.

In September 2013 Woodworm opened its doors officially and has been gradually building up a fan base of top producers. We do plan to bring a proper in-depth video tour in the future but the mad short video at the foot of this page is supplemented by a series of production videos shot at the studios and you can browse our collection of photos of the studio that we think will tempt you to give Stuart a call to arrange a visit! Scroll down the page for links to some of the videos recorded at Woodworm Studios.

The recording studio area at Woodworm

The studio has a double height main studio are with two booths off the ground floor. One of those is super 'dead' and the other is a little dampened. Up the stairs there is a further recording space leading in to the control room equipped with SSL Duality console, PMC main monitors and stacks of tasty outboard.

the main recording area at woodworm studios

The studio has a nice relaxation and kitchen area with possibly the slowest kettle on the planet that's affectionately known as the 'infinity kettle'. Bands can stay at the studio which is fully residential as there are two twin bedrooms plus the rather lovely 'shack' in the garden that can accommodate several more people which is sat next to a very large fishpond with a lovely decked area for bands to sprawl out and relax during breaks from recording, assuming it's not raining.

Our Woodworm Studios Photo Gallery

woodworm studios' stuart jones at the ssl duality mixing console

Stuart Jones has put a lot of effort in to making the studio a relaxed and creative space and has managed to keep the charm and long history of the studio while making the technology bang up to date and at least equal to some of the top London recording studios - at a pretty decent price.

Stuart is keen to get people in to see the studio so please visit their website for further information - please let him know that you saw the studio here and you will qualify for a free unicorn toy.

Videos recorded at Woodworm Studios