Studio Tour

Yellow Shark Studios

We recently visited Yellow Shark Studios to see how good out of town studios can be and we were impressed. Yellow Shark is a very cosy but spacious studio offering a very good range of equipment but excels in the range of instruments made freely available to the artist, from great drums to a superb grand piano.

Possibly the best feature is that the studio has natural light with big windows at each end of the studio. The 'feel' of the studio is very relaxed and the interior fit out feels better than the average decent budget London room.

yellow shark studios recording area with piano and hammond organ

Jeremy the owner is a musican and has tried to build the kind of studio that he's like to use. He knows that they are competing with zillions of studios but the great location and facilities have been attracting a growing number of regular producers.

To sum up, if you pay them a visit, it's likely that you will like the studio and the staff and will book time.

recording studio area at yellow shark

Special thanks to the staff at Yellow Shark for letting us disrupt a session one weekend to film this! Watch our archive video tour shot in 2005 feature here.

engineer gareth at Yellow Shark Studios, cheltenham

Recording engineer Gareth at the mixing desk at Yellow Shark Studios

Feature updated March 2010