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SARM Studios
SARM Studios London recording studio features

Watch a selection of vintage and new HD video interviews shot at SARM Studios London. Two new video features shot in HD have been filmed at SARM Studios recently: Studio

Skip Saylor Studios
Skip Saylor Studios Archive video

Skip Saylor is a two room facility is equipped with a large G Series SSL and they also have the very latest Digital mixer from SSL, the 'MT'. The studios

SNAP Studios
SNAP Studios London recording studio video tour

We joined studio manager Marco on an extensive video tour around the SNAP Studios complex. Everything is covered, from the echo chambers to the kitchen, every room in this studio

Sound Logic Recording
Sound Logic Recording Studio video feature

Sound Logic LLC is a secluded recording studio located around Lafayette, Indiana. The studio and staff offer quality production, recording and publishing to musicians from around the world at

Sphere Studios
Sphere Studios Leading London recording studios

Sphere Studios offer a wide range of recording and mixing spaces equipped with two SSL G Series consoles and a Neve 88R. Both of the SSL consoles were installed at

Spike Recording Studios
Spike Recording Studios Archive video tour

Established in 1998, Spike Recording is a state-of-the-art recording studio that offers clients an intimate recording environment for all of their music production needs while maintaining a world-class level of

Stanley House Studios
Stanley House Studios Archive page

Stanley House Studios low quality video Stanley House Studios, based in West London. Set up by owner Andy Morris around 1990, the studio complex featured an SSL J Series room.

Stevensonics Gary Stevenson

Gary Stevenson gives a tour of Stevensonics Studio Mike Exeter and the crew visited Gary Stevenson and recorded a video interview at his recording studio, Stevensonics, and whilst there

Strongroom Studios
Strongroom Studios Video features

Watch a fantastic series of video interviews with some leading record producers recorded at Strongroom Studios. Steph Marziano at Strongroom talking about the studios and her love of recording drums

Studio Arnold Murhen
Studio Arnold Murhen

Watch the video tour around the studios recorded in 2001 Arnold Murhen Studios offer a unique family atmosphere to record in. Located near to Amsterdam in the picturesque seaside town

Studio Atlantis
Studio Atlantis Tolbert and Sutton video feature

Exclusive video interview with Ralph Sutton and Lloyd Talbert. Claris from asked the questions at the wonderful Studio Atlantis in L.A. Musical adventures for Lloyd Tolbert began when he

Sun Studios
Sun Studios Exclusive video tours

There are few studios that have had such an impact on the World as Sun Studios in Memphis. The studio played host to that famous first Elvis Presley recording but

Swanyard Studios
Swanyard Studios Studio closed February 2001

Swanyard Studio One Control Room - photograph from Studio closed - A copy of their sad press release follows: Its always difficult to say goodbye but sadly at the

Tape Studios
Tape Studios Edinburgh recording studio

Tape Studios are Edinburgh's newest music studio and possibly one of the best equipped studios in Scotland if not the UK. Boasting two SSL Duality consoles, one 48 channels and

Ten 21 Studios
Ten 21 Studios Video feature with Sean Kenny

UK music studio with great vibe, engineers and superb location Under an hour from London and set in the beautiful Kent country side, the very friendly and relaxed atmosphere of

The Chapel Studios
The Chapel Studios South London studio

Get inside this superb London recording studio in this HD video featuring record producer Steven Williams. Browse our gallery of high resolution pictures taken at the Chapel Studios The Chapel