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Stevensonics Gary Stevenson

Mike Exeter and the crew visited Gary Stevenson and recorded a video interview at his recording studio, Stevensonics, and whilst there Gary also gave a tour the facilities. We hope that you enjoy this short video tour around Gary's 'Stevensonics' Studio in Oxfordshire, UK.

Strongroom Studios
Strongroom Studios Video features

Watch a fantastic series of video interviews with some leading record producers recorded at Strongroom Studios. To quote Strongroom's website, "Strongroom is a vibrant, stimulating, creative place to work." We totally agree.

Studio Arnold Murhen
Studio Arnold Murhen

Arnold Murhen Studios offer a unique family atmosphere to record in. Located near to Amsterdam in the picturesque seaside town of Volendam, the studios owner (Arnold Murhen) tells us the traditional dress one associates with Holland originates here and the area has been popular with...

Studio Atlantis
Studio Atlantis Tolbert and Sutton video feature

Exclusive video interview with Ralph Sutton and Lloyd Talbert. Claris from asked the questions at the wonderful Studio Atlantis in L.A. Musical adventures for Lloyd Tolbert began when he started studying music and playing drums at the tender age of ten.

StudiOwz Converted Welsh Chapel

Deep in South Wales Owain Fleetwood Jenkins has created a fabulous residential recording studio in a now very impressive once abandoned chapel.

Sun Studios
Sun Studios Exclusive video tours

There are few studios that have had such an impact on the World as Sun Studios in Memphis. The studio played host to that famous first Elvis Presley recording but so many other major artists have started off their carrers at Sun.

Swanyard Studios
Swanyard Studios Studio closed February 2001

Studio closed - A copy of their sad press release follows: Its always difficult to say goodbye but sadly at the end of February 2001 the studios will be closing their glass doors for the final time.

Tape Studios
Tape Studios Edinburgh recording studio

Tape Studios are Edinburgh's newest music studio and possibly one of the best equipped studios in Scotland if not the UK.

Ten 21 Studios
Ten 21 Studios Video feature with Sean Kenny

Under an hour from London and set in the beautiful Kent country side, the very friendly and relaxed atmosphere of Ten21 recording studios makes it a great location for many recording or mixing projects at an affordable rate.

The Chapel Studios
The Chapel Studios South London studio

Get inside this superb London recording studio in this HD video featuring record producer Steven Williams.

The Crypt
The Crypt Affordable large London studio

Nestled next door to Paul Epworth's The Church Studios is this hidden gem, The Crypt Studios. Take a tour around this lovely studio perfect for band recording with large main studio space, good sized dead area/booth and full Dolby ATMOS equipped control room.

The Grand Studios
The Grand Studios Features with Simon Stride and Tom Peters

This video shot by the Grand Studios in 2016 replaces our older one which is still available at the bottom of this page.

The Mix Room Studios
The Mix Room Studios

Click here to watch the video with Ulrich Wild shot in the SSL J Series room. The Mix Room is one of the most amazing studios that we've yet featured.

The Mixing Rooms
The Mixing Rooms Glasgow music studios

This studio has closed but the premises has been taken over by Iain Hutchinson and is now operating as Glo Worm Studios - we recently recorded a feature here around Christmas 2021 and will be adding that to the site in the near future and...

The Park Studios
The Park Studios Video tour with Tobin Jones

Tobin Jones, owner of The Park Studios in North London took producer/engineer Mike Exeter on a grand tour of his studio. The thing that smacks you directly in the eye when walking through the door is the vibrant colour scheme.

The Pocket Studios
The Pocket Studios Video feature

We are delighted to feature our first Toronto recording studio in a video feature that the staff of the Pocket Studios filmed and edited themselves.