Studio Tour

Recording Studios

Todd AO Studios
Todd AO Studios Archive video

We visited Todd Studios in Los Angeles around 2000 and are now pleased to feature a brief video studio tour of this very impressive scoring studio.

Townhouse Studios
Townhouse Studios Historic London studio

The Town House Studios (Townhouse) was built by Richard Branson in the late '70's before being absorbed by the EMI/Virgin Studio Group. The Townhouse was later taken over by the Sanctuary Group in 2002.

Toybox Studios
Toybox Studios Bristol recording studio feature

Video interview with Ali Chant and Stef Hambrook at Toybox Studios. We love Toybox Studios and have tried to bring a flavour of the studio but we really hope that you'll pay them a visit.

Vada Studios
Vada Studios A tour around the studio with Clint Murphy

This is a short video tour around Vada Studios with recording engineer / producer Clint Murphy while on a session at the studio that gives a taste of just how flexible and unique Vada Studio is.

Vale Studios
Vale Studios Chris D

It's a rare thing these days to visit a music studio that we didn't know of so when Chris D'Adda of the Vale Studios got in touch we wanted to visit and know more.

Westpoint Studios
Westpoint Studios Archive feature

We loved this studio. A huge range of amazing vintage recording equipment, much of which we have never seen before, a great sounding control room and superb recording areas too.

Westside Studios
Westside Studios Now closed, archive feature

Westside Studios preview. The full Westside Video Tour with interviews etc is due in soon, meanwhile, please check out Studio One and a very camera shy John Earls (now moved to Whitfield Street Studios), the studio's ex-General Manager.

Whitby Studios
Whitby Studios Short video tour

Studio owner Ian takes us around the lovely Whitby Studios in the Wirral, near Liverpool, UK.

Will Shapland Mobiles
Will Shapland Mobiles Location music recording studios

Will Shapland is one of the most respected and most experienced location recording engineers for music events and TV in the UK.

Wincraft Studios
Wincraft Studios Video tour with James Towler at Steve Winwood

James Towler takes Mike Exeter around Wincraft Studios in the English Cotswolds. Special thanks to Steve Winwood for the use of his studio, James for sparing his time and to Mike Exeter for hosting the video.

Woodworm Studios
Woodworm Studios Historic studio that

The above video was shot at Woodworm and hopefully gives a flavour of the studio and equipment. Many other videos recorded at the studio are lower down this page.

Wool Hall Studios
Wool Hall Studios Now closed - archive feature

Tucked away in the Somerset countryside some ten miles south of Bath, The Wool Hall is a residential studio with a distinguished past. The historic building was originally converted into a recording studio in the 80’s by Tears For Fears, initially for private use.

Yard 1 Studios
Yard 1 Studios Devon recording studio

With over 20 of years experience in the Music industry, Yard 1 studios is the current studio of choice in the area.

Yellow Shark Studios
Yellow Shark Studios

We recently visited Yellow Shark Studios to see how good out of town studios can be and we were impressed.

York Street Studios
York Street Studios Video tour around top New Zealand studio

Getting York Street Studios on to RP has taken more years than we care to remember but at long last we are delighted to bring a fantastic insight in to the studio that we hear so much of and have so long wanted to feature!...