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Recording Studios

Capitol Studios
Capitol Studios One of the world

Watch Al Schmitt popping in to Studio C with Studio Manager Paula Salvatore to chat with producer Jimbo Barton . Watch Al Schmitt interviewed while in Studio A at Capitol Studios.

Castle Sound Studios
Castle Sound Studios Feature with engineer Stuart Hamilton

Castle Sound Studios have been established for over 25 years and offer an amazing range of recording spaces with a very high specification of recording equipment.

Catalyst Studio
Catalyst Studio Andy Bowes

Owner Andy Bowes has upgraded to a new desk with the lock-down giving time to wire up and fine tune the newly upgraded control room and as you can see, the range of three main recording spaces gives plenty of flexibility and isolation, perfect for...

Cello Studios
Cello Studios Archive 2001 video

StudioExpresso's Claris Sayadian-Dodge met up with Cello Studios manager Candace Stewart recently to talk about the studios evolution and to get a flavour of the studios atmosphere in an exclusive video tour.

Chair Works Studios
Chair Works Studios Recording studio complex near Leeds, UK

We recorded a series of video features with some leading producers and engineers at the studio in Yorkshire. This video features engineer and producer Simon Humphrey . Video - Recording engineer Simon Humphrey interview at Chair Works.

Chestnut Recording Studios
Chestnut Recording Studios Chris Young video interview

George Shilling popped in to see record producer Chris Young at his super amazing Chestnut Studios in London's trendy West Kensington to find out about his space ship design and to chat about production.

Crooks Hall Studios
Crooks Hall Studios

Crooks Hall Recording Studio is an affordable residential music studio situated near to Haverhill, Suffolk. The studio offers relaxed good quality recording spaces with unexpected bonus facilites including a tennis court and heated swimming pool.

Dean Street Studios
Dean Street Studios Central London recording studios

Dean Street Studios were formerly the home of legendary record producer Tony Visconti and in those days the studios were called Good Earth Studios. The history is amazing, so many big hit records have been recorded here and you can kind of sense it.

Decoy Studios
Decoy Studios Studio tour with Cenzo Townshend

George Shilling and the crew visited Cenzo's Decoy Studios in Suffolk, UK, to capture a flavour of his working methods, some insight in to his working methods and took a sneek look around the studios.

Deep Studios
Deep Studios Recording studio video feature

We are very pleased to have recorded an in depth feature of this impressive recording studio and bring a large format video feature which you can watch here.

Distant City Studios
Distant City Studios Video tour

Mike Exeter visited Distant City Studios to take a look around - this is a very nice studio and well worth a trip to Yorkshire.

Dog House Studios
Dog House Studios Nathan Rosenberg video feature

Founded in 1995 by New York producer and jazz pianist Nathan Rosenberg, The Doghouse NYC is a unique studio that provides services ranging from recording and mastering to composition and production.

Eastcote Studios
Eastcote Studios Studio tour around long established London studios

Eastcote Studios is where Adele recorded 'Rolling In The Deep'. Things haven't stood still, now after 40 years they've just upgraded the studios so we wanted to show you how it's now even better than before.

Echo Studios
Echo Studios Buckinghamshire studio

We recently discovered Echo Studios, a fantastic recording studio outside Buckingham in the UK.  Studio owner Jamie Masters met with Grammy winning producer Mike Exeter to show him around.

EchoTown Studio
EchoTown Studio New SSL studio near Dorchester, England

Tour around Echotown Studios with singer/songwriter Nick Capaldi.  Nick and his wife, Grace, shared a dream to build a high end studio in their hometown and Echotown Studio is the result.

Eclipse Studios
Eclipse Studios Video tour

We would like to thank John Hellenbrand, the studios owner, for taking the time to record and edit his own studio tour for us. Eclipse Sound Studios are Located at Philippine in the South rof Holland near the Belgian border.