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Recording Studios

Loft Mastering
Loft Mastering Liverpool recording studio

Loft Mastering is a professional independent mastering house and recording studio based in central Liverpool UK. Mike Cave, studio owner, aims to get the best from your music to create great sounding, optimised, balanced and coded CD masters ready for manufacture.

Long Track Studios
Long Track Studios UK recording studio

Finding Long Track Studios is a bit of a challenge but once you've found the long track to drive down you soon happen across one of the nicest mid priced studios in the UK.

Manhattan Center Studios
Manhattan Center Studios

Manhattan Center Studios, home to two of Manhattan’s most unique event spaces offer an amazing setting for events of all kinds.

Marcussen Mastering Studios
Marcussen Mastering Studios Exclusive video feature

Watch the video to find out about Stephen Marcussen's unique Mastering services and facilities. Marcussen Mastering is a state-of-the-art cutting-edge mastering facility combining the highest quality equipment and years of engineering experience results in the complete realization of a project's sound.

Marshall Studios
Marshall Studios Impressive studio built by Marshall with unique equipment

Tour around an epic recording studio built by Marshall next to their amplification manufacturing plant in Milton Keynes, England.

Master Chord Studios
Master Chord Studios

For “all in one room recording”, the booth’s doors can be left open, letting the sound spread from one room to the others, creating an amazing “ensemble” ambience.

Master Rock Studios
Master Rock Studios

Master Rock Studios, based in Kilburn, North London, having recently played host to Robbie Williams etc has sadly, since filming, closed.

Mayfair Recording Studios
Mayfair Recording Studios

We are planning a video tour of Mayfair Recording Studios and a look at the owner, hugely regarded John Hudson, in the near future. Mayfair Studios has now closed.

Metropolis Studios
Metropolis Studios 15 exclusive video features

Grammy winning engineer Liam Nolan shows us around Studios A and B at Metropolis Studios, London. These two studios are the main recording rooms at the complex that many more associate with mixing and mastering studios.

Miloco Studios
Miloco Studios

Miloco manage many studios and several Miloco rooms are featured here including Angelic & Motor Museum . We hope to bring a bit more 'blurb' and a new feature soon, call them to find out more.

MIXart recording studios
MIXart recording studios Video feature

We are delighted to feature this excellent Montreal studio in a video produced by the studio staff. MIXART Studios, one of Canada's premier SSL recording facilities has been the location of choice for a number of top Canadian and US artists for years.

Modern World Studio
Modern World Studio Cotswolds recording studio

We are very pleased to feature this impressive new SSL Duality equipped recording studio in Gloucestershire, England. We have shot a video tour of the studios with new High Definition cameras so please enjoy the video.

Momentum Studios
Momentum Studios George Shilling

George Shilling was working at the studio recording Billie Bottle’s Temple of Shibboleth (link below) and liked it so much that he got out the trusty iPhone to record a quick tour around Momentum Studios.

Monkey Puzzle House
Monkey Puzzle House Residential music recording studio in Ipswich UK

Excellent new SSL residential recording studio an hour from London. Monkey Puzzle House Studios opened the doors with their new SSL AWS 900+ in August 2007.

Monnow Valley Recording Studio
Monnow Valley Recording Studio Videos recorded at Monnow Valley

Nestled amongst acres of rolling hills two miles from Monmouth, Monnow Valley Studios is in an idylic spot.

Motor Museum Recording Studio
Motor Museum Recording Studio Al Groves interview

Russell Cottier visited the super talented engineer and producer Al Groves at his Motor Museum Studios late in 2017 to find out more about how Al gets his superb drum sounds etc and to take a bit of a tour around the Motor Museum.