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Motor Museum Recording Studio
Motor Museum Recording Studio Al Groves interview

Russell Cottier visited the super talented engineer and producer Al Groves at his Motor Museum Studios late in 2017 to find out more about how Al gets his superb drum sounds etc and to take a bit of a tour around the Motor Museum.

Mushroom Studios
Mushroom Studios A Canadian studio with some fabulous classic (and new) gear

Winter 2002: MUSHROOM STUDIOS, Vancouver Canada, has announced the installation of a new PRO TOOLS HD3 system. The system was configured and installed by Bryon Low of the AnnexPro of Vancouver. The system specs are 3 / 192 interfaces for 24 in and 48out capability.

Mwnci Studios
Mwnci Studios Residential Welsh recording studio

Mwnci (Monkey) Recording Studio is situated in West Wales in the stunning Taf Valley.

New Rising Studios
New Rising Studios


Night Sky Studios
Night Sky Studios Video feature around the recording studios

Night Sky Productions is a New York-based company providing excellent music production for records, original composition and scoring for film and television, as well as multi-media sound design.

Ocean Way Studios
Ocean Way Studios Archive footage

During the Los Angeles AES, a contingent of British Studio people from studios such as Abbey Road, Air and the Townhouse, paid a visit to the fantastic Ocean Way Studios and they were impressed, very impressed.

Octagon Studios
Octagon Studios Steffan Thomas video

Tucked in to an industrial unit in Port Talbot is not the place where you'd expect to find a recording studio but like many others of the new wave of UK studios (Kore, Modern World etc) emphasis is on what matters.

Old Library Studios
Old Library Studios Video tour with recording engineer Joff Spittlehouse

Joff Spittlehouse took time out of a session recently to show us around The Old Library Studios. The studio is in the heart of Mansfield has been running at its current location for over seven years.

Old Smithy Studios
Old Smithy Studios Archive feature

We're pleased to bring an exclusive Old Smithy Recording Studio video. Old Smithy offers a very Spacious classic design 1000 sq ft studio suitable for all music bands and small orchestras.

Olympic Studios
Olympic Studios

Olympic Studios based in South West London is one of the UK's premiere recording studios. It's owned by EMI and is the sister studio of Abbey Road Studios.

Opec Studios
Opec Studios Short video feature with owner Jon Constantine

Opened late in 2010, Opec Studios have converted an old pub just off the beautiful South Wales coast, which now houses a fully equipped professional music recording studio together with purpose built accommodation for up to 7 people.

Orgone Studios
Orgone Studios Jaime Gomez Arellano

Mike Exeter headed up the M1 to visit Jaime's new Orgone Studios in Bedfordshire. This video runs just under 10 minutes and hopefully you'll get a good flavour of what the new studio and Jaime are about.

Otterhead Studios
Otterhead Studios Video tour with Oscar Ball

Mike Exeter visited the brand new Otterhead Studios where he given a guided tour by Oscar Ball. Otterhead Studios is a residential recording studio in beautiful rural Warwickshire.

Oxygen Studio
Oxygen Studio Small but nice recording studio

Oxygen Studio is a small but able studio based in Birmingham run by producer Stuart Evans, half of the Evans Martin production team. We hope to have a short video feature here soon.

Parlour Sound
Parlour Sound Video features and tour

Parlour Sound Recording Studio features some excellent equipment and acoustics at a very affordable and musician friendly price.

Parr Street Studios
Parr Street Studios

25 Years old in 2017, Parr Street has seen many major artists through its studio doors so Russell Cottier visited with a video crew following behind to find out a little about the studios success and history.