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Recording Studios

Pinna Productions
Pinna Productions

Pinna Productions is set in the Fortress music complex at the heart of Shoreditch, London.

PJF Music
PJF Music Video feature

PJF is a music production company and recording studio in New York city. In business for 10 years they've been making records for clients such as J Records (BMG), Elektra Entertainment (Warner Bros.), Def Jam Records, Columbia Records (Sony Music), Atlantic Records and many more.

Post Electric Studios
Post Electric Studios Video tour

Post Electric Studio is a lovely recording studio based in Edinburgh and operated by producers Rod Jones and Kris Pohl who both feature in the video above. Post Electric also acts as a creative home to the band Idlewild.

Prime Studio
Prime Studio Leading European recording studio

We are delighted to at last be able to bring a video feature shot at Prime Studios in Austria. Prime Studios are one of the best studios in the area and we think that the videos here will show what's on offer.

Quad Studios
Quad Studios Archive studio tour video

Watch Bruce Miller's video tour of Quad Studios shot in 2002. Click here to visit the main Bruce Miller page for his video interview filmed at Quad.

RAK Studios
RAK Studios Video features recorded at RAK

We still have yet to record a proper video tour around the classic, historic and most amazing London studio, RAK. We have tried a few times but we will get there in the end.

Ravenscourt Studios
Ravenscourt Studios West London recording studio

Ravenscourt Studios are based just off the Goldhawk Road in London close to Metropolis Studios and Fluid Mastering so are well placed for the Tube or bus.

Real World Studios
Real World Studios One of the finest studios in the world

George Shilling recently worked at Real World Studios and found the time to record a short studio tour mid-session to give us a his perspective on this amazing recording studio. Completely unique in style and character, Real World is a collection of stunning studios.

Record One Studios
Record One Studios Archive video shot in 2000

Part of the Ocean Way Studio group, Record One is a fabulous studio based in Los Angeles.

Record Plant Studios
Record Plant Studios Archive Record Plant Studios video tour

After you've watched the Record Plant video tour, check out their web site by clicking here . In 2000 we visited The Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles and shot some brief video..

Ridge Farm Studios
Ridge Farm Studios Historical feature from 2001

Sadly Ridge Farm Studios has now closed. Ridge Farm is possibly one of the best known residential studios in the world with a huge hit making history that provides a great range of equipment, wonderful accommodation and leisure facilities.

Right Track Studios
Right Track Studios Video features with Frank Fillepetti and Barry Bongiovi

A fantastic series of video interviews recorded at Right Track Recording Studios are now here - with more planned. This unique series starts off with two of the industries leading figures talking about the recording studios and the industry.

Rimshot Recording Studios
Rimshot Recording Studios Video feature with engineer Mike Thorne

We have just visited Rimshot Studios down in Kent, under and hour from London, to finally see the completed studio. The studio owner and engineer (and musician too) Mike Thorne has built one of the most amazing new studios in the UK.

Riverlight recording studios
Riverlight recording studios London, UK

A video tour around Riverlight Studios will be here sometime in the future. Nestled away from the fast paced life in the city, Riverlight offers a very unusual and creative environment to record and mix just off the river North of Battersea.

Rock Hard Studios
Rock Hard Studios A tour around top Blackpool Studio

Take the 4 minute studio tour around Blackpool's leading recording studio - Russ Cottier meets up with Daniel Atkinson of Rock Hard Studios to find out about the rehearsal and recording complex. Daniel Atkinson of Rock Hard Studios shows us his comprehensive microphone collection.

Rockfield Studios
Rockfield Studios Legendary music studios

Five decades of recording hits with some of the greatest bands ever and Rockfield is still going strong.