Tips & Techniques

Andrew Dudman

Takes us around his live recording setup

Around 80 producers and engineers met up at Abbey Road's Studio Three in October 2018 to participate in a live recording workshop with senior Abbey Road Studios engineer Andrew Dudman. We had recruited 'Rosie Tee and the Riot Quartet' from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire to be our artist for the workshop that was made possible by the very kind help of Mike Sinnott from Abbey Road Institute who were holding their graduation event at the studios on the same day. After the workshop attendees joined in the celebrations at Abbey Road Institute’s Graduation Party in Studio One, not to mention network with the next generation of budding producers and engineers.

The aim of the workshop was to see what's possible (with a bit of planning!) in well under a day in a studio geared and used to big sessions with all of the expertise, spaces and equipment available, getting a band in to the studio and recording in one take. The results Andy got were excellent and hopefully will inspire many of the producers at the session and those watching will try this - why not book Abbey Road? If you're well rehearsed it may work out cheaper!

A big thanks to everyone that made this workshop possible but the biggest credits must go to Mike Sinnott for making the day possible, Andrew Dudman and his assistant Chris Parker for not just a great recording but taking us and Russell Cottier around on a detailed look at the mic placement and choices - what a fantastic range of microphones to choose from!!!!

We recorded other interesting videos on the day and they will be here soon. In the meantime, please do check out the Abbey Road Studios and Abbey Road Institute websites.

As well as full time programmes Abbey Road Institute is set to offer short courses and professional training in 2020. Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering. It is also worth remembering if you need an assistant or runner then get in touch with Mike Sinnott via the Facebook group.