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Andrew Scheps

Recording guitars

Andrew Scheps talks about recording guitars

Russell Cottier talks recording guitars with legendary producer, engineer and mix engineer Andrew Scheps.

In this short video segment taken from our hour long interview at Monnow Valley Studios recently this feature covers Andrew's love of recording guitars. Making the guitars the right 'size' in the mix so that they 'barrel through' is what he's looking for and in this video Andrew talks about his microphone selection and placement for guitar cabs and also recording bass guitar.

Andrew has some excellent methods for getting a fat bottom end to guitars with the way that he mic's the cab, something that can't be easilly replicated with just winding some bottom end in with EQ.

Anyway, much better to watch the video and see what Andrew has to say!

To watch the full interview with Andrew Scheps please follow this link

Read the whole in-depth interview in Resolution magazine - October 2016 issue!

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Special thanks to Russell Cottier (Russ is an excellent producer/engineer too so please check him out) for asking the questions and to everyone at Monnow Valley Studios for making us so welcome and for helping in setting this up - and for giving up their studio time! Many thanks to Andrew Scheps for taking the time too!