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Clint Murphy

Fake slam mic technique

Continuing this series with Clint Murphy we take a look at Clint's 'Fake Slam Mic' technique. Frequently engineers place a microphone around the drummers right knee to get a bit of Kick / Snare / Hi Hat 'clatter' which is then 'slammed' through an 1176 with all the buttons in. This is done to give a little more life and 'realness' to the drum kit to give the close mics something extra.

Clint finds that when he's sent tracks to mix and finds he only has the close mics to work with he needs to create a 'Fake Slam Mic' which is what he shows us in this techniques video.

To create this effect Clint uses an Aux Send and sends the majority of the snare, a little of the kick, hats etc and brings that in to a channel and inserts an 1176 with all of the buttons in - this only really works with 1176's.

The release is set to as fast as it goes with a fair bit of input gain. Clint's main trick is to adjust the attack time so it's cutting off the transients to get rid of the front end parts so starts at half way and adjusts...

Watching the video Clint shows how he does this so you can really hear the difference this makes to the life of the drums.

Clint is recording a series of recording and mixing tips & techniques ranging from microphone comparisons to drum compression. Come back for more soon and if you've got some tips you'd like to share please let us know, maybe we can have Clint visit you!

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Special thanks to Clint for recording this and to everyone at Modern World Studios!

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