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Craig Silvey

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Record producer Craig Silvey talks to George Shilling at Konk Studios, London

Since the early days of his career as Chief Engineer on the scoring stage at the legendary Skywalker Ranch, Craig Silvey has worked with many prestigious music producers on both sides of the Atlantic including George Massenburg and Walter Afanasieff, working with artistes such as Tupac, Mariah Carey, Linda Ronstadt, Nine Inch Nails, R.E.M., Grace Jones, Ray Davies and Santana as well as many albums for classical label Harmonia Mundi.

Since making England his home, he has built a reputation as a talented mixer/remixer and producer in his own right, working with The Magic Numbers on their platinum selling eponymous debut album, Gabrielle, Mattafix, Candie Payne, The Longcut and The Coral - as mixer on The Invisible Invasion and Producer/Mixer on Roots and Echoes.

Craig spent a large part of 2007 producing and mixing The Coral’s last album Roots and Echos and mixing Third, the eagerly awaited new album from Portishead. He is as busy as ever and managing to get time to interview Craig hasn't been easy due to his hectic schedule.

The video that we shot at legendary Konk Studios, home of Ray Davis (the Kinks), covers many aspects of Craig's career to date and includes some very interesting mic techniques for getting amazing drum sounds.

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music producer craig silvey behind the mixing desk at konk recording studios london

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Special thanks to everyone at Konk Studios for their help in making this feature possible! Many, many thanks to Barbara Jeffries at Smoothside for helping put this together and to George Shilling for asking the questions. Lastly, and most importantly, a BIG thank you to Craig for taking the time to do this feature!