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Drum recording ideas with Mike Exeter & Clint Murphy

Mike Exeter and Clint Murphy 3 recording methods at Rimshot Studios

Recording drums is a bit of a hot topic, certainly here at RP it is and you can never get enough tips and ideas to get a better or more interesting sound so it's great to be able to bring this new feature shot in the Autumn (Fall) 2016 at Rimshot Studios in the UK.

Two very different recording engineers, Clint Murphy and Mike Exeter share session drummer, Pete Wheeler, and show how they work. We had the luxury of working with a great drummer in a lovely room but these methods are transferrable to many situations and can be adapted to suit - in fact, you'll see how Mike adapted Clint's initial setup.

Drum Recording with Pete Wheeler at Rimshot Studios

What was really exciting was using a bunch of very affordable 'kit' mics that represented the kind of equipment many people not able to afford time in a nice studio - though we strongly suggest that people do use a good studio whenever possible to record. If you do your demos and work on arrangements before going in to do tracking it really doesn't cost *that* much to go somewhere good for just a day.

Anyway, before digressing too much about why you should use and support studios, not every budget studio has some of the posh and exotic mics like the Telefunken U47 that we have used here but as we think this video demonstrates, a fantastic sound can be had with the most inexpensive mics if placed in the best positions. This video lets you hear the stereo mixed output of the console with the three setups and we will upload individual tracks plus the mixed outputs as sound files for you to import in to your workstation to play around with and compare. Feel free to let us know what you think on our FaceBook page.

recording drums at Rimshot studios

We would like to thank Pete Wheeler for being the drummer for the day and to Mike Thorne at Rimshot Studios in Kent, UK. It's a really fantastic studio that's really much cheaper than we'd have imagined and can only say how much we hope that people go and check this studio out, it's superb and has a great atmosphere.

Thanks also to the two fantastic engineers, Mike Exeter and Clint Murphy for giving up their time to come and do this feature and also to the behind the scenes supporting cast for helping us keep direction and focused.

The individual files will be uploaded shortly and the link to those audio files will be placed here when we can in the near future.

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Clint can be contacted via his website at:

Mike can be contacted via the telephone :-) Link coming soon!