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Drum Recording with a USB Mic

Tracking drums

Drum recording in a rehearsal room with a USB microphone

Can an affordable USB mic with multiple capsules give results good enough to make a record? Recording engineer and musician Russ Cottier tests a unit from SSL (better known for mixing consoles) out to find out how technology has advanced - Put on your headphones to hear the results!

We selected Immersive Mode to access all of Connex’s mics separately and recorded them individually to test the USB mic to record drums in a rehearsal/live room.  This enabled Russ to be able to play with the various capsules out when back at his studio to give a useful range of sonic options.

drum recording with an SSL USB Connex microphone in a rehearsal room

Russ Cottier played the drums and tried moving the mic around to see how well the affordable and simple mic can be to record a demo before taking the files back to his studio to add guitars and play with the audio.

We also recorded some spot mics on to a Sound Devices Mix Pre 10-II. Rather than just A/B USB mic vs spot mics, we wanted to hear how well the mic(s) work with an almost complete track to give a much more useful guide for budget recording.

drum recording with an SSL USB Connex microphone in a rehearsal room

Special thanks to Russ Cottier for presenting, engineering, playing drums and all the instruments! Thanks to Andy Bowes and everyone at Catalyst.  We hope you found this interesting!