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Drum recording with Clint Murphy & Mike Exeter

A look at Drum Recording with two top recording engineers at Woodworm

Woodworm Studios was the venue for our recording masterclass focused on rock and metal production - this was our drum recording section which we have edited to hopefully not run too long and we think that these methods would be of great interest to anyone recording drums.

Recording Drums

Mike Exeter recieved his Grammy for engineering Black Sabbath with Rick Rubin producing and Mike has been a huge star recording many new techniques features for us. Clint Murphy also has many awards from organisations around the Word and is a superb recording engineer and producer and again, we are really grateful for all of his work on this site.

Drum Recording with Clint Murphy

A big thanks needs to go to Stuart Jones of Woodworm Studios. The use of Woodworm and it's excellent acoustics have been such a great help and if you're looking for a studio, please do check them out!

Mike Exeter and Clint Murphy chat at Woodworm Studios